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Wednesday 1 November 2017

November 2017 Best Data Plans, Subscription And Free Browsing

Coming from last month free browsing and best data plans for all networks in october 2017, i added a post All Networks Best Data Plans And Free Browsing October 2017 and we saw earlier in the month of October 2017 some free browsing cheat, especially on 9mobile network which involed the rebirth of 60mb cheat on Anonytun Vpn and a new server url too, where i added (9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat Is Back For October 2017 On AnonyTun; click here for more details )

Sincerly after the Glo free browsing cheat disappeared in August, good cheat has really been scarce infact September and October (especially) was more like a free browsing drought month(s).

November 2017 Best Data Plans, Subscription And Free Browsing

Currently in November 2017 we have no real free browsing available, even the 9mobile cheat on Stark VPN that came back on new server, late in October 2017, specifically on the 30th, which the cheat self doesn't work on all SIMs, though i will be sharing a link to that on the 9mobile November 2017 data plans section.

Since there are no free browsing, i have decided in this post to share with us some cheapest/best data plan and subscription codes for all networks in November 2017, including the 9mobile free browsing on stark vpn which is working for some 9mobile users and most especially, some secret codes and bonuses for all networks, MTN, 9Mobile, Glo, Airtel, in Nigeria (November 2017).

Best Data Plan And Subscription For Glo November 2017

Starting with Glo network, where everthing has remained stand still since the Glo free browsing was blocked and stopped working in August, bit has been re-opened again in November 2017, with new blazing hot Glo cheat on Anonytun Vpn, check out - Glo Free Browsing Cheat Is Back On Anonytun November 2017

Also this Glo cheat is back on Stark VPN, check - Glo Free Browsing Cheat November 2017 On Stark VPN

Wee still have things as usual in terms of best subscription and data plan code for Glo network in November 2017, Similar content from last month which i will like to reiterated here again,

Current Glo Android Data Plans Price:
  • N500 = 800MB 7days
  • N1000 = 1.6GB 30days
  • N2000 = 3.7GB 30days
  • N2500 = 5GB 30days
  • N3000 = 6GB 30days

Best Data Plan And Subscription For Glo November 2017

    Though with this nothing has changed because for those who have previously subscribed, like the 3.2gb for N1000, you can continue enjoying your old data bundle because its automatically on auto renewal. While new subscribers to the plans will have to go with the new cost of data.

    Simply dial *777# and follow the prompt to subscribe to your preferred Glo Data.

    Included to this Glo data plan codes and free browsing for November 2017, i will like to share some bonus topics/articles which will be helpful for Glo users in November 2017.

    Transferring Data from one Glo user to another, yes, incase you don't or have been looking for a way to share your Glo data with a friend, maybe you are looking for some extra cash and planning to make some quick income via selling you data, this article will be very helpful for you - How To Share Or Transfer Data On Glo Network

    I also added a post on Glo network too recently about 5 Ways To Check Data (MB) Balance On Glo Network which could be very helpful, don't forget to lookup on it.

    Almost forgetting something here, which is another way you can benefit from free data bonus in November 2017, is the Glo Free Data Day, this has been happening fro months now and with this you are given some free data to use for 24 hours though, it normally comes up at the end of every month and also there are a few requirements before you can get this Glo free data, checkout my post on - Glo Free Data Day Is Back - Free 200MB On October 31st - for more information.

    Best Data Plan And Subscription For Airtel November 2017

    Airtel for me has been the best so far in terms of cheap internet, looking at speed also, network availability around all areas in Nigeria.

    First i will like to share the, Airtel Double Data Plan, which gives you double your data for free at the same rate you do subscribe to the plan before, for example if you normally get 1.5gb for N1000, now you will get 3gb for the same N1000... Wow pretty cool. Yes, dial *144# for related offers on your Airtel line, to see how this is done and also to start getting your own double data for half the price, read my post on - Airtel Double Data Plan And The Subscription Codes

    Airtel Operamini Social Plan; This plan gives you 1gb for N300 to browse for 25days; which is very cool. It can be used to browse Facebook, Operamini you Whatsapp applications alone. The plan also downloads very well. To Subscribe to this plan, read my post on - Airtel Operamini Social Plan - Get 1GB Data For N300
      something related to this you may want to see is my post on - How To Download Large Files (Above 15MB) With Airtel Social Bundle 2017

    Lately, people have been complaining about this Airtel social plan that it doesn't go for all social apps anymore, especially Operamini app, if you use the Airtel social plan subscription, you can drop a comment below this post to let me know you current experience with this plan.

    Best Data Plan And Subscription For Airtel November 2017

    Airtel Blackberry/BB10 plan still works on Android too; with this you can subscribe to any of the blackberry plans you may choose to suit you and browse for less. The more popular blackberry plans that suit Android users is the 3GB for N1000 which is the blackberry complete plan for 1 month. To subscribe to this and use it on your Android phone, read my post on - How To Use Airtel 3GB For N1000 BB Data On Android and How To Get 6GB Data For N1500 On Airtel Network

    Also new on Airtel is their YouTube Video Packages, which can be used to watch YouTube videos unlimited, one cool thing is the way Airtel combined it with normal data, which you need to checkout;

    You might not want to miss: 6 Ways To Check Any Data (MB) Balance On Airtel Network And Their Subscription Codes

    Airtel YouTube Packs - This plan has just been upgraded and you can now enjoy streaming YouTube at unbeatable cheaper rates in 2017, see my post on - Airtel YouTube Packs Now UPGRADED - See How To Subscribe

    Lastly on Airtel network, which of course will be very helpful in terms of free data bonus in November 2017, for Airtel is a new plan by Airtel network where you can get 10x times free data bonus, checkout my post on How To Get Upto 10x [Data + Call] Bonus On Airtel Daily

    Best Data Plan And Subscription For MTN November 2017

    Shockingly, MTN Nigeria has reduced their data plans, this happened earlier in October 2017, see MTN Has Reduced It's Monthly Data Plans - 1.5GB Is 1GB & 3.5GB Is 2.5GB, alongside they introduced new data plan that gives you 1.5GB for N1200 which is usable all day and valid for 30 days, You can dial *131#, reply with 1 and then with 2 to see the new data plan.

    Also MTN network is their YouTube video plan is still alive, see related information on - MTN YouTube Video Plan (MTN Hourly Plans) - See How To Subscribe 

    Best Data Plan And Subscription For MTN November 2017

    MTN Double Data; How to double you data and turn the normal 1GB data to 2GB, 2GB TO 4GB, 5GB TO 10GB, and so on, which is eligible for all MTN customers without any tricks or tweaking, checkout this post for more information - How To Get Double Of Your Data Subscription On MTN

    Also see:- 6 Ways To Check Data (MB) Balance On MTN Network

    Best Data Plan And Subscription For 9Mobile November 2017

    As i earlier hinted, that i was gonna share the 9mobile Stark VPN cheat, check - 9mobile Cheat Is Back On Stark VPN November 2017

    First before we checkout the 9moblie cheap data and related subscriptions for November 2017, there's a bonus airtle here on how you can get 10x times data bonus on 9mobile, simply check my post on How To Get Upto 10x [Data + Call] Bonus On 9Mobile Daily

    9Mobile Ramadan Offers; which you can get 1GB data for just N200, to last you for 3 days anyways, more information here - 9Mobile - See How To Get 1GB For N200 And 5GB For N1000

    9Mobile Campus data is back, even bigger and better see my post on - 9Mobile Campus Data Discounted - See How To Get 1GB For N500

    Best Data Plan And Subscription For 9Mobile November 2017

    9Mobile current working free browsing cheats includes:
    • 9Mobile Free 200MB Data, check out - 9Mobile - How To Get Free 200MB Data November 2017
    • 9Mobile Chat pak CheatGet unlimited access to instant messaging apps, such as whatsapp, BBM & wechat. It costs N50 per day, N150 per week and N400 per month. To power all apps see 9Mobile Chat/Smart Pak Cheat Settings On AnonyTun 
    • 9Mobile Social me pak Cheat: To stay connected to facebook, twitter, instagram and BBM. It costs N100 daily, N300 per week and N700 for a month, To connect all apps - 9Mobile Chat/Smart Pak Cheat Settings On AnonyTun VPN
    • 9Mobile Video pak Cheat: Offers two uninterrupted hours of video streaming. Enough time to enjoy a live football match, catch a movie, or chill out with youtube. It costs N400 for 2 hours of unlimited streaming, 9Mobile Unlimited Download For 2 hours; If you have large files to download, instead of using the Night Plan or so, the 9Mobile Unlimited Browsing for N400 is very okay, though it last for only 2 hours, its just like the 9Mobile Video Pak, but here it works for all applications and not YouTube alone. See more information on how to go about it here - 9Mobile Unlimited Browsing Cheat With Only N400 On AnonyTun
    • Also another thing you can enjoy free on 9Mobile this month is the free Facebook internet, this allows you to browse, for free using any browser or application, how to use this, see:- Free Facebook On Etisalat (9Mobile) With No Data Or Credit

    Bonus Articles which are gonna be helpful in November 2017;
    1. How To Stop MTN Night Plan Data Auto Renewal 2017
    2. All Networks - Night Data Plan Subscription Codes 2017
    3. How To Get Double Data Bonus On MTN Airtel Glo And 9Mobile

    Something new: All Networks - Best Data Plans Subscription For December 2017

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