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Wednesday 20 September 2017

Airtel YouTube Packs Now UPGRADED - See How To Subscribe

Just like the 9Mobile YouTube Packs and also the MTN YouTube Packs, which active followers of this blog should know about; Airtel also has its own YouTube plan too.

The Airtel YouTube pack which has just been upgraded, comes in with new advantages and add-ons to the plan, be sure to video streaming at unbeatable rates.

Airtel YouTube Packs Now UPGRADED - See How To Subscribe

In this post i will be showing you how to subscribe for the Airtel YouTube Pack, with all the new add-ons and features to this plan, so you can enjoy video streaming at unbeatable rates.

My post will also contain the subscription codes and process to migrate with detailed explanation on what each new add-on and all features of the Airtel YouTube Pack is about.

How To Subscribe For The Airtel YouTube Packs Package

There are different categories of this plan and they include;

YouTube Pack (All Day Plan) 

This plan comprise of two other packages which include:
  • YouTube Monthly which costs N400 and you get 600MB to steam YouTube for the whole day every day for 30 days. 
  • YouTube Weekly costs N400 also and you are given 300MB for 7days. 

YouTube Pack (Night Plan) 

With the Airtel YouTube night plan Pack, you enjoy YouTube streaming all night, from 1am - 5am and there are two categories for this night plan pack,
  • YouTube Night Monthly costs N200, 600MB for 30 days. 
  • YouTube Night Weekly costs N150, 300MB for 7days 

YouTube Plus Pack (Android + Free Night YouTube) 

For this category, you get normal Android data between 1am - 5am, and free YouTube data separately, its more like having a normal Android Subscription on your phone and also a YouTube subscription, when you stream only the YouTube data is used and normal Android data is removed for other usage.

It has three other sub categories and they are;
  • YouTube Plus 1.0 - N1000 (Android 1.5gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing) 
  • YouTube Plus 2.0 - N2000 (Android 3.5gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing) 
  • YouTube Plus 2.5 - N2500 (Android 5gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing) 
  • YouTube Plus 3.0 - N3500 (Android 7gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing) 
  • YouTube Plus 4.0 - N4000 (Android 9gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing) 

To Subscribe to any of the the Airtel YouTube Pack plan, simply dial *323# and simply choose next (*) to select precise category. 


  1. I like ur blog. Can I use this plan to download from YouTube apart from streaming? If yes, is the download usage deducted from Android or YouTube? Can I use the 3rd party applications like tubemate, snaptube, videoorder etc for this plan?

    1. Hello, Akboz thanks for dropping, really appreciate your contribution.

      The plan has both Android and YouTube Data.

      YouTube data is to stream YouTube only.

      Yes it will download from YouTube, data will be removed from Android Data.

      Yes 3rd party apps can be used for the plan, but data will be deducted from Android data.

  2. Please how will I check the YouTube data? To know how many data I have use for YouTube.

    1. Hello Abdullahi, thanks for commenting... to check your data balance, simply dial *223#

  3. please, is the normal android data usable throughout the day or just at midnight.

    1. throughout the day,,,

      only youtube data at night.

      Thanks for commenting wale.

  4. Thank you so much for your prompt response.

  5. The YouTube plan isn't working for me

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