Tuesday, 24 October 2017

MTN YouTube Video Plan (MTN Hourly Plans) - See How To Subscribe

The MTN YouTube video plan is one of MTN hourly plans that was recently introduced in August 2017. This plan is quite similar to the 9Mobile YouTube plan which goes for N400, in which you can stream or download videos from YouTube as you like.

MTN YouTube Video Plan (MTN Hourly Plans) - See How To Subscribe

This plan is a very new plan anyways and works perfectly if you are thinking or want to use YouTube to browse alone, rather than doing a normal subscription and waste much Megabytes, this subscription is the best alternative to all that.

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We hope that a free browsing comes out on this MTN YouTube video plan soon, were one can not only stream or download YouTube videos only but can power other applications using VPN apps like AnonyTun VPN and others.

Though you might want to ask, what the data limit of this plan is? remember the 9Mobile YouTube plan which goes for N400 and lasts 2 hours is actually unlimited. Bur the MTN own YouTube plan is not unlimited, its actually capped at 750MB for the 1 hour plan and 2.25gb for the 3 hours plan.

Let see. how one can subscribe to this MTN YouTube plans below.

How To Subscribe For The MTN YouTube Hourly Plan Video Pack

  •  Simply dial *131*8# to access the menu.
  •  For 1 Hour - N150 For 750MB, dial *131*8*1#
  •  For 3 Hours - N400 For 2.25GB, dial *131*8*2#
To check your balance dial *559*18#

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  1. This data is cool but I don't know how many mb is capped behind it. Is it unlimited? From wazobiawap.com

    1. hi Solomon, thanks for dropping, well its not unlimited o, the 1hr plan is around 750mb while the N400 own is about 2.25gb

  2. waoh... cool but costly <a href="http://iblaze7.blogspot.com>iblaze7</a>

    1. hi, Tolulope thanks for dropping, well yes it is costly, especially compared to the 9Mobile YouTube plan

  3. This plan is a scam. You can't download YouTube videos. For a whole one hour my download was jus 38% of 28mb. My video streaming for a whole one hour was barely 30 minutes because the network was intentionally throttled. Forget it waste of hard earned money.

    1. Hi, ohh really, sorry for the poor experiences, you had/encountered, perhaps the 9Mobile YouTube plan is better off.