Wednesday, 15 August 2018

How To Read A Deleted Whatsapp Chat Message(s)

Since whatsapp introduced the feature, delete for everyone and delete for me, which you can delete a message in a chat, maybe due to an error or mistyped text, immediately the message us deleted you cannot see it anymore and sometimes you will wonder what did this person delete?

But according to a Spanish blog, the WhatsApp deleted messages are actually still on the device, and can easily be accessed through Settings by the receiver. It stated below:
“Whenever a notification comes into Android devices, it is stored in the notification log – whether or not it is subsequently deleted by the sender. While the bulk of the data in the log is technical information, the first 100 characters of the notification message are also recorded.”
So while users may not be able to see the message within WhatsApp after it is deleted, they can still see it in the notification log – which can be accessed in two ways.

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In this post, i will be showing you the two ways to do this.

How To Access And View Deleted Whatsapp Messages

How To Read A Deleted Whatsapp Chat Messages

First Method To View Deleted Messages
This trick currently works only on
Android 7.0. Firstly, users can create a home screen Settings widget:
1. Press and hold the home screen
2. Press widgets icon
3. Scroll down to Settings
4. Drag and drop onto the home screen
5. Click on widget
6. Scroll down and click on the notification log
7. Click on the message you want to see

Incase you do not see the notification log widget, then use the second method

Second Method To View Deleted Messages
1. Download notification history app from here
2. Search for the message in the Android notification log.
The first 100 characters of the message will appear in the line starting with ‘android.text.’

How To Access And View Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Make sure notifications for the app is allowed, the notification log app will show chat history based on the time the message enters, so on the app kindly look at the time the message came in to locate it, and you will see the message there.

You will only be able to view the first 100 characters of deleted messages, and the notification log will clear every few hours, or any time the device is restarted.

I prefer you use the second method over the first.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

10 Useful Social Media Management Tools For Business 2018

Social media is a very powerful medium to showcase your business or whatever one has to for, if not the best way, statistics has shown that over 90% of businesses in today's world are promoted on the social media.

So you have it that most brands if do not have a facebook page must have a twitter page, instagram, telegram or whatsapp. This tells one how important and powerful the social media has grown to become in our world.

Reasons why businesses have these pages is because billions of people in the world, if not on one social media must be on another. Which is a fact has technology has made things online/application wise even more interesting. The interest of people is cut across a lot of new and amazing features being added by the developers.

In this post i will be writing on ten social media management tools, these tools will be very helpful in business promotion on social media. 

I may not be able to cover all, as my tips here are the best tools i feel will be most helpful in 2018. After checking some out you may be very interested in them, so its important to do a more research to find out how tobuse them.
10 Best Social Media Management Tools 2018

10 Best Social Media Management Tools 2018


IFTTT is a very essential social media management tool that can spare you a great deal of time for managing different social accounts for your business. IFTTT allows users to link any major social media channel together to automate sharing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


SocialFlow helps you manage paid, owned, and earned social media campaigns in one place. Socialflow recommends specific posts, pins, or tweets for you to promote. Then you can use keywords to analyze these campaigns.


Hootsuite is an enterprise level platform which is considered as the most widely used social media management platform, loved by over 15 million professionals. When it comes to managing several profiles at once, scheduling and analyzing your social media marketing campaigns, HootSuite can be a big help. HootSuite also helps brands to save a lot of time as they do not need to sign in to each social network individually.

For instance, If you want to post the same content across four social profiles, you can easily post it once using HootSuite. With a free account, you can manage up to three social profiles with HootSuite. When you upgrade the account, you can manage many more.


SocialOomph helps you plan content on Facebook and Twitter on an automated schedule. It’s one of the most powerful social media management tools used by social media professionals.


Sprout Social is the complete social media management tool for social media agencies because it is one of the most powerful tools for multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. A common problem that social marketers face is finding the best time to post on social media, thankfully, Sprout Social lets you line up contents on a unified dashboard, then sends them out at preset times.


Images are super important for high-quality social media content. Canva is a free online photo editing and graphic designing tool you can use.


If you want to create social content that has to do with popular current trends, you can research some of those topics using Google Trends.


Buffer is a great tool to schedule social media posts from links you share across the web.You can also get analytics and valuable knowledge about the traffic drawn to your social media content, and share posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.


For Twitter and Instagram, Crowdfire lets you manage your following, and plan marketing campaigns to grow your online presence.


You can use Facebook Ads to build a larger audience and increase your conversions on the platform

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In conclusion, it has become necessary for brands to have a strong presence on different social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. Social media platforms help to strengthen brands’ images and influence. Thus, choosing the right social media management tools for your business helps to grow and increase audience.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Working MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2018 Using Stark VPN

Lately i have added two applications with their settings, which the Mtn cheat is working for, though the first one i posted using XP Psiphon vpn is a bit slower now, but the one on Spark Vpn is still working perfectly.

Many people have been complaining about the cheat stopping at 10mb, yes, this is true, but for now there is now solution to that and you just have to try your luck with another MTN SIM, because some other people are currently enjoying this cheat, some apps i added rhis cheat on before didn't even work for others, so if you fall in this category, you should try this one, it may be better off.

MTN Free Browsing With Stark VPN August 2018

Stark VPN is a popular app and the reason we chose to use this app for this tweak is because, it is easy to use, it has unlimited data, there is a more secured connection, availability of compression support, low battery/ram usage and it is very torrent friendly. So, what do you require for this tweak to work,

Stark VPN – Download the latest version here
A registered MTN SIM
An MTN SIM card with no airtime or data balance
A good 3G network

How To Set Up Stark VPN To Browse Free With MTN

Launch your Stark VPN application

Working MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2018 Using Stark VPN

Tap on CUSTOM. You can find this at the side of the tweaks tab

Select Connection Mode as HTTP

Server Port – 80

Host Header –

Select Header Line Type – Singleline

Leave the Reverse Proxy unchecked

Proxy Host –

Proxy Port – 8080

How To Set Up Stark VPN To Browse Free With MTN

That’s the setup for the Stark VPN application. Now that you are done, kindly go to Stark VPN’s startup menu. Select Custom as your Tweaks. Then turn on your MTN data connection and hit the big red button to connect. It shouldn’t take up to 15-30 seconds to connect.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Or Any App On Your Android

This post will show you how you can use or run multiple applications such as whatsapp or any app on your Android phone.

My post here on this will be very easy, brief, short and simple.

There is an application to do this the name of the application is known as Parallel Space. 

Click here to Install Parallel Space App from Playstore

With this App, you can have two different whatsapp on your phone, yes, just incase you have being wondering how can i do two or more than one Whatsapp on my phone? This is the perfect solution for you.

How To Run Multiple Whatsapp Or Any App On Your Android

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Or Any App On Your Android

After successfully download and installation of the Parameters Space App, follow the stepson below to clone the App in two's;

  • Open the Parallel Space App 
  • Locate the App you want to clone e.g Whatsapp
  • Now, you have to Add the app which you want to install two times on your mobile. So click on app, it will start creating Clone of that app.
  • Within few seconds it will complete adding and clone of that app will successfully created in Parallel space with new data.
  • It will launch same app with new data on your screen and it will run like it’s a new app which was not installed ever before on your phone
  • Of it is Whatsapp you are Cloning, Make new account in this app and access one app twice on your device. It means your original app is still running with old account and second app will run in Parallel space app with another account.
  • You will aways open the Parallel Space App to use your new App (the second Whatsapp).

Friday, 3 August 2018

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Now Blazing On Spark VPN 2018

Two days back i added a happy new month gift, if i may put it that way, where i posted the latest MTN free browsing cheat.

Today am dropping another MTN cheat, and this one is faster and better.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Now Blazing On Spark VPN 2018

1. An MTN Sim
2. Download Spark VPN Here  or Search Google Play Store for it.

MTN Config File - Download MTNTWEAK(LTB) svc config file right through the link Here

Now after all the above config and apk file are downloaded and installed then the only thing remain for you is to import the svc config file on spark vpn.

How Do I Import My SVC config File?

Yeah we got your back by following the steps we illustrated below with screenshot.

1. Launch your Spark VPN apk, then at the menu, look for (TWEAK) then click on as illustrated in the screenshot below.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Now Blazing On Spark VPN 2018

2. Now, look for the svc config you downloaded above, select and import it.

3. If the config was successfully imported then your Spark VPN home menu should display our notice about the config file.

Solution to The MTN 10mb Capped Issue

All you need to do now is to click on the connect button, wait for some sec for it to establish the connection then you're good to go.

Solution To The MTN 10mb Capped Issue

A friend's 3 MTN Sims stopped connecting at 10MB.... So he noticed that it because of the previous subscription he did..... Just simply dial *131*200 # and it will connect ... It worked for his 3 Sims that stopped working initially.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Whatsapp Introduces Group Video And Voice Call Features - How To Use

Development upon development, tells you developers are really working hard day and night to make new features and meet demands of consumers, as whatsapp adds a new feature to its platform, allowing multiple users to make group voice and video calls at the same time.

The radical upgrade will allow up to four people to chat simultaneously within the app with each person appearing on the screen at the same time.

“Over the last couple years, people have enjoyed making voice and video calls on WhatsApp,” the Facebook-owned app said in a blog post.

“In fact, our users spend over 2 billion minutes on calls per day.

“We’re excited to announce that group calls for voice and video are coming to WhatsApp starting today.”

Whatsapp Introduces Group Video And Voice Call Features - How To Use

How To Make A Group Voice Call

To make a group call, make sure your smartphone is updated to the latest version of WhatsApp.

Next, start a one-on-one voice call and tap the new “add participant” button in the top right corner to add more contacts to the call.

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How To Use The Whatsapp Group Video Feature

How To Use The Whatsapp Group Video Feature

Using the Whatsapp group video feature to make conference video call is simple and very easy but remember, it only supports 4 people at the same time. Hopefully this number will be increased in the future updates but for now, let’s enjoy it the way it is.

1. Install the latest version of Whatsapp from Google Playstore as earlier mentioned.

2. Start with the usual video call with one person by tapping the camera icon on the top right corner.

3. Tap “add participant” on the top right corner of the screen to add more contacts into the group video call. The video is in High Definition (HD) quality but the quality of phone front camera also has a role to play.

Whatsapp voice and video calls are very secure as it comes with end-to-end encryption and Mark Zuckerberg uses it himself to always communicate with his young daughters whenever he’s not at home. He said users have already used more than 2 billion minutes of video calling on Whatsapp alone.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

MTN Free Browsing Cheat August 2018 With XP Psiphon

Free browsing here, free browsing there, everyone is looking for free browsing, after glo block their free browsing cheat last month, people have been so sad, having to subscribe and all.

Firstly happy new month, and one thing is that this new new is starting very good, finally MTN cheat is available and this will put a smile on all faces of free browsing lovers. Thanks to Victor Kachi, he made this possible after dropping a similar tweak for those in Ghana, few days back...

Without much talks, lemme drop the latest MTN free browsing cheat for August 2018. Kindly follow me along as we set this together.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat August 2018 With XP Psiphon

This cheat works with MTN 3G and 4G sim without airtime and data also using MTN default APN settings.

Where To Download XP Psiphon and Config File

Download XP Psiphon Here (in case you don't have it installed on your phone).

After that, download MTN Config for XP Psiphon Here.

How To Import MTN Config On XP Psiphon VPN

After installing the VPN, launch it.

On the main page, tap the + sign as shown in the image below

Locate the folder you downloaded the config file to and tap the file with the name MTN-Config.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat August 2018 With XP Psiphon

It will request for a password, just input:

After successfully imported, don't select region. Leave it at Best Performance.

Lastly, tap the Connect button. It will connect within 10 seconds. Once it's connected, start browsing unlimitedly. It is fast as jet and very stable like a pole.

Kindly note: the cheat is unlimited, but may be limited on some MTN sims, so incase it stops working on one try another.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

How To Stop Data Auto Renewal On Mtn Airtel Glo 9mobile

Its nothing new that in a way or another, some of us might have had issues with our various network providers, especially when it comes to renewal of a data plan you subscribed to,  which i know many of us have fallen into the network provider renewing a data subscription without actually permitting them to do so.

This issue or problem which i can term it has been lingering for some time now since even the network providers do not give us any short codes or send us any sms to opt-out of a plan when it is on auto-renewal.

Recently, i made a subscription on the MTN network just to download a particular item like that, which was though important. After downloading what i wanted to and the data finished. Then few days later, i recharged again, this time i wanted to make a call, immediately i load the card  and it entered, i juat got a test message fro.  MTN saying that some amount have been deducted from my account because of an automatic renewal of my existing data plan. I was very angry that day because the call i wanted to make, i was not able to make it because of the credit was exhausted already. Thar is what this silly auto renewal shit can cause.

So, i came up with this post in other to avoid such occurrence to happen. I will be listing here complete method and xodes to stop any for of data auto renewals on either MTN, GLO, AIRTEL  or 9MOBILE Networks.

How To Stop Data Auto Renewal On Mtn Airtel Glo 9mobile

The first and most important step to take is to always remember that when you subscribe to a data plan, that you should opt-out immediately, so as to avoid any form of credit losses.

How To Stop Auto Renewal Of Data On MTN GLO 9MOBILE And AIRTEL Networks

To stop an auto renewal for any network in which you have subscribed for data on simply follow the sms prompt below depending on the network provider.
  • MTN NETWORK: simply send a text message "NO"  to "131"
  • GLO NETWORK: simply send a text message "CANCEL"  to "127"
  • AIRTEL NETWORK: simply send a text message "STOPAUTORENEW"  to "440"
  • 9MOBILE NETWORK: simply send a text message "STOP"  to "229"

Friday, 27 July 2018

Glo Data Calculator - How To Estimate Which Plan Fits You

Glo introduces the data calculator, your current data plan may amuse you the way the data disappears; this means that your current data plan may just not fit you at all and all.

With the Glo data calculator can predict the data plan that suits you as it helps estimates how much data you will use in a month and with this you can know the amount of money to be spent too. With this adequate data subscription can be done, without wondering why data may finish fast.

Lets take a look at the features of the Glo Data Calculator.

Glo Data Calculator - How To Estimate Which Plan Fits You

Social Media - Daily
How much time do you spend using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc?

Browsing - Daily
How much time do you spend shopping online, reading blogs, research, etc?

Instant Messaging - Daily
How much time do you spend chatting, making video and audio calls on Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger, etc?

Music - Daily
How much time do you spend using Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc?

Videos (Non HD) - Daily
How much time do you spend using Youtube, Netflix, IrokoTV, etc in Standard definition?

Videos (HD) - Daily
How much time do you spend using Youtube, Netflix, IrokoTV, etc in HD or 4K?

Emails (Attachment) - Daily
How many emails do you send in a day? (Assuming 20% of emails have attachment)

Games - Daily
How much time do you spend playing games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, FIFA, etc?

How To Estimate Which Plan Fits You

The Glo Data Calculator is based on these features above... and you can use the calculator by visiting this link

I calculated mine by using the link above and got 14.57GB monthly usage...  So it means i will need a 15GB Plan Monthy to satisfy my needs on data.

Glo Data Calculator - How To Estimate Which Plan Fits You

Basically i do more of the browsing a few times spent on social media and whatsapp..

Kindly calculate your and lemme know by posting a comment, also i will want you to add is this Data Calculator true or not true.. 

What's your say???

10 Best VPN Apps For Android 2018 (To Browse Anonymously)

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secure way of connecting through a public network (such as the Internet) to a remote network/location.

This remote network is typically a private network, such as a workplace or home network, or one provided by a commercial VPN service.

A VPN can be thought to create a "tunnel" through the public network to your private network at the other end. All network traffic through this tunnel is encrypted to ensure it is kept secure and private.

VPN apps these days is very important, most web/internet pundits will understand how significant using vpns is. For me VPN is definitely activated when my connection starts misbehaving, especially if am downloading something on my device or using some encrypted sites, and data connection is misbehaving, when a VPN is activated, your data connection becomes secured allowing you perform the desired task, without network setbacks.

10 Best VPN Apps For Android 2018 (To Browse Anonymously)

There are lots of features a VPN has, some below:
  • Bypass Blocked Websites
  • Stay Anonymous
  • Access Netflix or other Video Streaming Service
  • Secure from Hackers
  • Access Regional Restrictions Google Play Content
  • Government Tracking
There are many other reasons why people use VPN in android and PC. Here i have compiled 10 best free and premium VPN for your android device in 2018.

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10 Best VPN For Android To Browse Anonymously 2018

Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy provides a secure and trustworthy connection through an encrypted channel between your device and the target website, using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. Hotspot Shield hides your real IP address to anonymize your device so that your online activities cannot be tracked by anyone, and you will be able to get access to restricted websites, even behind the firewalls.

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy is a freemium product that is built for everyone – whether you are looking for a free version with basic unblocking and privacy features, or a premium version with add-on services.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy For Android Here

Unlimited Free VPN – Betternet

Unlimited Free VPN - Betternet is an application that lets you access any webpage in the world without any type of restrictions, avoiding any kind of censorship that might be present in your country. You can also access different services that would normally be restricted within your country borders.

Unlimited Free VPN – Betternet

As the name says, Unlimited Free VPN - Betternet is completely free, and it doesn't have any kinds of ads. The only thing you have to do to use it is press on the connect button, and a couple of seconds later you can connect to the Betternet VPN network.

Unlimited Free VPN - Betternet is a powerful VPN client; it's also lightweight and easy to use. It doesn't let you choose the country to use as a mask, but in exchange you can have a really user-friendly experience.

Download Unlimited Free VPN - Betternet For Android Here

Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN for Android, gives free access to any website and service, Also the following features: Access any blocked websites, games, and services without speed or bandwidth restrictions. : Download torrents without penalties or restrictions. Access .onion and .i2p resources without additional configuration. : Personal data is protected from interception by strong encryption. Hide your real IP address. : Block harmful websites, advertisements, and banner ads in games and apps. Conserve bandwidth by as much as 25%.

Download Hideman VPN for Android Here

SurfEasy VPN for Android

With SurfEasy VPN for your Android devices, their bank-grade encryption technology hides your Android activity and personal information from hackers, network monitoring tools and Internet service providers. Encrypt web browsing, emails, messaging, online shopping purchases, Android apps and more with SurfEasy VPN for Android.

SurfEasy VPN for Android

Also, you can connect to SurfEasy’s private network locations to surf the web as if you were in that country and gain unlimited access to geo-restricted content. The SurfEasy “Optimized” setting automatically connects you to the fastest server based on your location. Browse from Canada, United States, Brazil, Germany, Singapore and United Kingdom.

Download SurfEasy VPN for Android Here

Finch VPN

FinchVPN creates a secure Internet connection where your Internet provider sees only encrypted data, and the final destination sees only FinchVPN location and IP information.

Finch VPN

Supported FinchVPN features include:
- OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) with ports selection
- Anti DPI - Bypass firewall that block VPN
- SSH VPN - Tunnel OpenVPN under SSH connection
- Apps Filtering/Firewall - Select which apps to go through VPN
- Custom Config

Download Finch VPN For Android Here

Hola Free VPN

Hola Free VPN (also known as Hola Better Internet) is a navigation tool for Android that includes two very interesting features. First, it will allow you to navigate faster and save your 3G data rate, thanks to URL caching, a trick it uses to compress up to 70 percent of HTTP.

Secondly, Hola Free VPN allows you to access any content without regional restriction of any kind. Thanks to its VPN service, you can visit any web page without fear of it being blocked, like when the player or page says, 'Sorry, but this content is not available in your country.'

Hola Free VPN

As is usual with this type of application, Hola Free VPN requires superuser permissions to function. That is to say, you'll need to have a rooted device in order to benefit from all the services offered (though you can easily find a rooting application on Uptodown).

Hola Free VPN (Hola Better Internet) is an excellent complement to your default Android browser, because not only will it allow you to browse faster, but it will also give you the ability to access web pages that would otherwise be blocked in your region.

Download Hola VPN For Android Here

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN – Free VPN proxy is features: Bypass the firewalls as school free VPN proxy for school wifi and school computer. : Unblock websites with free VPN proxy server. It can also unblock video not available in your country. : Protect your network traffic under WiFi hotspot Browse anonymously and securely without being tracked. Enjoy private browsing. : Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers. : Encrypts data using OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP).

Download Turbo VPN For Android Here

Free VPN Proxy & WiFi Privacy (Touch VPN)

Touch VPN is an Android application that allows people to remain anonymous online and to stay safe at the same time.

One of the problems that occur when people connect to public Wi-Fi is that it’s usually not safe, but that can be corrected with the use of a VPN. In this way, any kind of Internet traffic is being routed through another VPN network.
Free VPN Proxy & WiFi Privacy (Touch VPN)

The developers say that people will be protected from hackers, identity theft, and other malicious activities. Also, it’s important to mention that the app is powered by Hotspot Shield and that is completely free.

Touch VPN should also be a good tool to bypass any geographical restriction for online content.

Download Touch VPN for Android Here

Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom

Rocket VPN is an app that lets you access anything on the Internet, even if it's geographically restricted. It also lets you browse in a safe and anonymous way.

Almost everyone has, at some point or another, tried to access something online that was blocked. Rocket VPN aims to break these walls and let anyone enjoy any type of content, without restrictions, limitations, or barriers.

Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom

Rocket VPN works in a very simple way, as do most apps of this kind. You just have to choose which country you want to create a virtual tunnel to and press a button. In a matter of seconds, your location will be masked so you can browse anonymously and access content that would normally be restricted.

Download Rocket VPN for Android Here

VPN Proxy Master-Free Security

VPN Proxy Master-Free Security

This app features: Brings a high speed and encrypted VPN connection to your smartphone or tablet. : Unblock your favorite websites and apps with worldwide free vpn proxy any time. : Enjoy multiple proxy server to bypass blocked website and apps as if you were in another country. : Bypass location restrictions, internet filters and censorship at super high speed. : Bypass firewalls of school wifi when you are at work or school. : Secure your internet connection under WiFi hotspot. : Browse anonymously & privately without being tracked. Hide your IP and let you enjoy private browsing. : Protect data privacy, personal information security and internet security.

Download VPN Proxy Master-Free Security For Android Here

Kindly Note, this VPN apps can also be used on your iOS device or Windows PC. Just search for them in the respect app stores.