Monday, 16 July 2018

Glo Cheat Using Sky VPN - No More Disconnections

A new alternative is now available for the glo free browsing cheat currently rocking on Anonytun vpn and Uc mini handler. Which i had posted on few days/weeks back.

Though Glo network is very poor, compared to other networks in Nigeria, but with the way you get disconnections on other vpn apps like Anonytun, the sky vpn glo cheat is a bit different as it is very reduced here.

Another thing i love about this sky vpn glo cheat is that no setup or settings is required, i.e a configuration. You just open and connect.

The sky vpn glo cheat has a downside, it is capped at some amount of megabytes daily, expect you are on the premium usage

In this post i will be showing you a step by step process in setting up this app for the glo cheat.

Sky VPN Settings For Glo Free Browsing Cheat

In using this app, set your Glo Apn settings to default, download the Sky Vpn App here, or here incase you don't have it installed. Also good 3G/4G network in your area.

Like i said earlier, there's no special settings on this VPN, but you will be limited to some data usage, until you become a premium user.

> After you have downloaded the app, open it.
Then click on the menu icon at the top left corner.

Sky VPN Settings For Glo Free Browsing Cheat

> Now click on Premium Traffic and tap the Daily Check-in to get free 75MB data. Tap I'm Feeling Lucky to get free 25MB data. (as shown in image above)

Now, go back to the app main page, and tap on Premium button, a pop up message will ask if you want to upgrade, click on Upgrade and choose United States as your region.

If you follow my steps properly then you should see that the Premium text will turn yellow in color.

Now tap on Connect, wait for about 60 seconds for it to connect and you're good to start browsing. You will never experience any form of disconnections again.

Jumia 6 Years Anniversary Is Live - What To Expect

Its another time in the year when Jumia chooses to give out huge discounts on all products, this time is not the usual Jumia Black Friday or Mobile week promotion, but something even more because Jumia is celebrating its 6 years anniversary.

Jumia 6 Years Anniversary

Yes, Jumia is six years out and one way Jumia chooses to celebrate this achievement is by giving out to its customers who have so far been with them all through. The Jumia 6 years anniversary is not only celebrated in Nigeria, but cuts across all Jumia available countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Ivory Coast, and so on. So start telling your friends over there to start shopping now via the Jumia 6 years anniversary page.

Another thing to about this anniversary, which of course makes its special is that deals will go down upto 70%. YEAH, expect discounts as huge as that this period.

The Jumia 6 years anniversary starts from Monday 16th July 2018 (12:00am) live... until Sunday 29th July 2018 (23:59pm)

What To Expect From The Jumia 6 Years Anniversary 2018

This will of course be the much awaited question, what is different and what we should see, as i mentioned earlier, there will be upto 70% discounts on all products this season. See image below...

Also Jumia will be giving out free vouchers everyday until the end of the event, click here to get your free vouchers

We at safaxnet (jumia no. 1 online sales platform/partner) have promised to keep you updated with the deals as it opens up in this event, everyday, up until the end.

Just incase you need quicker updates, due to the fact you cannot come online or visit our webpage, we have our whatsapp group, where you can join by clicking here to stay updated.

Some deals to expect in jumia 6 years anniversary few days to come are shown below.

Monday - Day 1 - 16th July, 2018

Tuesday - Day 2 - 17th July, 2018

Wednesday - Day 3 - 18th July, 2018

Airtel New Smart Connect Offer - Small Money Big Data

There is no more the usual airtel double data where you have to dial *144# and some selected sims/users are given data at a double double free and more data rate, this resulted as Airtel Nigeria introduces a new smart connect offer tagged: Small Money Big Data.

Airtel New Smart Connect Offer - Small Money Big Data

Airtel Small Money Big Data Package Finally Arrived

Airtel has just unveiled a new set of affordable data plans for smart connect users. This new data plan is the same thing as the old double data offer which was only open to eligible users, while the new #AirtelSmartConnect #smallmoneyBIGDATA is open to new Airtel customers only.

Airtel announced this new #smallmoneyBIGDATA via its twitter handle. According to a statement by Airtel on it's twitter page, it says;
We know you want more and we have just what you want. Imagine getting 1.5GB for just N500 or 3GB for just N1,000, yea its that good. Get double data and eight times your recharge value with Airtel SmartConnect, get an Airtel SIM today. #AirtelSmartConnect #smallmoneyBIGDATA
As I mentioned earlier, this is just another repackaged Airtel double data offer which means its a good value for me but unfortunately, it's open to only new Airtel customers.

How Enjoy The New Airtel smartCONNECT Double Data Offer

>> Visit any Airtel shop or experienced center to get a new Airtel SIM.

>> After registering the sim, you will be automatically migrated to the Airtel smart CONNECT tarrif plan

>> Insert the SIM into your phone and dial *141# which will display the list of available smartConnect data plans just as listed below;
  • N500 for 1.5Gb
  • N1500  for 7Gb
  • N1000  for 3Gb
  • N2500  for 11Gb
Aside from the double data plan offers, you will also get 800% on every recharge which is valid for 7 days.

Below is a screenshot of a friend who actually just renewed his subscription to check, the 1.5k plan for 3.5gb instead he got 7.2gb (5gb daytime, 2gb night) instead.

proof Airtel New Smart Connect Offer - Small Money Big Data

Kindly note: It's not necessarily for a new SIM alone but also for those that have not migrated to another plan since they purchased the line. To check your Tarrif plan if it's on SMART CONNECT, dial *121#, select 3 then select 5. You will see your tarrif plan.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Where To Download Apps Without Using Google Playstore

There are many reasons why we may not want to use Google Playstore when searching for and Android application or when you want to do an android application.

How To Download Android Apps Without Using Google Playstore

Major reasons why this occurs include:
  • Google Playstore app malfunctioning on your device. 
  • Old version of Google Playstore and requires update. 
  • Not having Google Playstore installed. 
  • Google Playstore not compatible on device.  

Due to some of this reasons above many have not been able to install Android applications and because of this might have to resort to asking someone to send the application to you via various means such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Xender, Whatsapp and so on.

But sincerely these reasons shouldn't hinder you at all from getting that Android application you so much desire by yourself without any help or support.

Yes majorly you will argue that, if its not Playstore i will not download or receive on my device; that's how much trust many have for Playstore, but i tell you there are other stores and websites that are very trusted too like Playstore, infact some of them work alongside Playstore (immediately an android app update comes up on Playstore, they also get updated).

Where And How To Download Android Apps Without Using Google Playstore

Here have decided to share those top and best websites and places you can also download Android apps without using Playstore.


ApKMirror is a popular website were you can download any Android app you can think of, you can visit via to download Android apps.

Not only does APKMirror make it easy to install apps if you don’t have the Play Store. It also helps you get early access to apps that may not yet be available foe you through the Play Store due to phase rollouts or regional restrictions.


You can download and install the Aptoide APK on your Android device, and you’ve basically got a third-party app store up and running in seconds. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Aptoide isn’t just an app store. It’s a platform that supports multiple app stores too, visit via


You can download apps directly from the F-Droid website, here -

They also have their own app, but if prefer not to install the app on your device it's okay still. But if you want to receive latest app updates, then you might want to install the F-Droid app store.

Amazon Appstore

This is basically the app and game store Amazon uses for its Fire tablets and TV boxes, you can download and install the Amazon Appstore APK on any Android-powered device that supports installation of apps from unknown sources or visit the Amazon Appstore website -

Amazon’s store includes hundreds of thousands of apps and games, including some (but not all) of the most popular apps available from the Play Store. But sometimes the Amazon Appstore versions are updated more slowly than their Play Store counterparts.

Other Places

Yes, there are other places to install apps with Google Playstore, APKPure is a pretty nice one, and the site’s mobile app even mimics the look and feel of the Google Play Store in many respects. APK-DL is another. But you do run the risk of obtaining modified versions of Android apps when downloading from some of these sites, so proceed with caution.

In Conclusion
I want you to know that the sites have listed above are very trusted and okay to download android apps without any need for Playstore.

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat UC Mini Handler July 2018

Many have expressed their issues with the glo cheat lately, a lot of complaints have come in as regards this; more importantly the issue of anonytun vpn cheat disconnections, and psiphon vpn cheat for glo free browsing not connecting at all.

Here is another alternative if you are having issues using those apps above. Before i go into detail in this alternative, i will like to remind you that to use this glo free browsing cheat, you need strong network, and it has to be stable at all, this is the major problem of disconnections with vpn aps above, glo network is not too good and so it doesn't make the connection stable for longer periods, else disconnections occur.

In this post i will be showing you how to setup this glo cheat on UC mini, this is yes an alternative but not completely because the Uc mini app can majorly be used for downloading, as it bests suits the app mode, you wont enjoy browsing on it, and its only works on uc mini aoo alone, which is a downside.

Straight to the method to set this up, kindly follow the steps below

How To Configure Glo Free Browsing Cheat On UC Mini Handler

STEP 1: First download the Glo UC MINI cheat app here, if you do not have it installed on your device.

STEP 2: Then, launch the app and configure only these settings: (see image above)
  • Tick Remove Port.
  • Use Real Host as Proxy Type.
  • Use as Proxy Server.
  • Leave others as default.

STEP 3: Now, tap on "OK" button to save as your UC mini handler will open next.

STEP 4: Then, go to any site and start downloading.
Note: Do not download above 200MB (maximum download limit) at a time. If the file is below 200MB, you're free to download multiple files.

Alternative way to download files on UC mini handler:

STEP 1: Go to proxy website.
STEP 2: Copy and paste the "final download link" of the file you want to download in the box provided on the website.
STEP 3: Now, tap on "GO" and start downloading.

Questions About: Glo Free Browsing Cheat On UC Mini Handler

Which APN should I use?

Kindly reset your APN to default or use any other one you feel like.

What if my Glo data connection is not coming out?

Simply send PAYU to 127 as text message to enable you browse-as-you-go. This will enable you browse using your mobile airtime. Glo will bring out the data connection once it sees you have data or airtime.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Whatsapp: How To Add, Change Or Delete Someone As Admin

Having own a whatsapp group sometimes could be like a bit of an achievement, lol, these days you see lots of Whatsapp group links post that you should join a Whatsapp group, or My Whatsapp group. On your group you automatically are an admin. So you choose what happens on the group.

HERE:- Join SAFAXNET TECH Whatsapp Group Chat Now

One of the major things you do on your group is adding new members and of course making people admins, and here in will be describing how you can add, change and delete someone as admin on Whatsapp group.

How To Add, Change Or Delete Someone As Admin On Whatsapp

How To Add or Remove Multiple Admins On a WhatsApp Group

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp and go to the Group for which you want to Add or Remove any user as an Admin

Step 2: Tap on the Group Icon or the Group name on the top of the screen

Step 3: In the Group Info page you will be seeing the list of users or members in the Group

Step 4: Tap on the Member or User you want to make as an admin or the existing Group Admin you want to remove

Step 5: You will be seeing the options in a pop up box – Remove ____ from group or Add ___ to group Admins, tap on the required option

Step 6: Its done you have successfully made a user as a Group admin or you have removed an existing group admin from the post.

If you want to add multiple users to the group admins list, you need to first Add the user to the group and then follow the same process mentioned above to Add the person to the Group Admin post.

Join SAFAXNET TECH Whatsapp Group Chat Now

SAFAXNET SOCIAL - - - Facebook Page | Facebook Group - Twitter Follow Page - Google Plus - - -

CLICK HERE TO OFFICIALLY JOIN SAFAXNET WHATSAPP GROUP  has its own official whatsapp group. Though it took me quite a while to put up a post on  this but its now on, you can now get live feeds on the Latest happening from live at your fingertips.


This group is created to help reach out more to mobile users, in a way that even when you don't have data or internet to view a post, you can now see it on the whatsapp group.
The group has been on for a while and many mobile phone users have been engaged, bringing in their views and information on stuffs.

In the group, questions are allowed, views are also expressed and rules are followed.



Let all members of this group be reminded of the rules, that only tech related stuffs should be posted.

No video, pictures or post that is not tech related should be posted

Posts such as Christian, Politics, Naija news, Jokes, Education and so on... should all not be posted

No advertisements should be posted

No abusive quotes or comments is allowed or should be posted

Only stuffs on Internet, free browsing, mobile phones, technology related news and Information are allowed.

If anyone violates this, he/she would get a kick out of this group immediately.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards'

See you on WHATSAPP!

Review: BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Headset

In this post is my full review on the BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Headset, which also has FM Radio, TF Card Slot available. My review here on this product will include full specifications of the device, price, where to buy, pictures and of course my pick on it, reasons why i feel you must get this Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Headset Review

BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Very important thing everyone looks out for when buying a tech gadget these days are the specs, the specifications of a device is a very important thing to note as this gives you the first impressions on the device, how it might look like, what it should be, and of courses what it should come with when you see it. It good to know a device specs so you won't get cheated when buying or having bought the device because of course you do know what the device entails. Below is is the full specifications of BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headset which i have outlined properly.
  • Power: 30mW
  • Bluetooth version: V3.0 + EDR
  • Profile: HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
  • Effective range: 10m
  • Frequency response: 20 - 20000Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Battery: 110mAh Li-ion battery
  • Music time: 4h
  • Talk time: 5h
  • Standby time: 120h
  • Sensitivity: 85 + / - 3dB
  • Bluetooth search name: BT - 800 0.161 Package Weight: 0.193 kg
  • Package Size(L x W x H): 20.50 x 13.50 x 3.50 cm / 8.07 x 5.31 x 1.38 inches 
My pick from the BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Specifications, for me, very nice speculations this gadget got, The music time for me is bamn, very dope. As a Bluetooth device at least a 4 hours time to listen to music like actively, non-stop is very okay. Another is the standby time, a 120 hours standby time is also dope, if i don't use the device at all, i should expect it to still last for 120 hours.

BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Features

BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Features

Yea, i would like to outline its features;
  • It comes with a multifunctional stereo headphone: Bluetooth, card MP3 player, and FM radio.
  • The body has an ergonomic design, which makes it vey comfortable to wear.
  • A DSP noise cancellation, brings clear sound effect.
  • A very important feature is that this gadget is very compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • It also support micro SD / TF card up to 16GB. The 16GB card is not included.

BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Accessories

BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Accessories

Unboxing this gadgets, the basic package contents, what comes with it include:
  • 1 x Headphone
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable

BT - 823 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Price And Where To Buy

Major reason i and my best pick on why i feel you must or perhaps should get this device is because of its price. It is currently available on Jumia Nigeria for N3,299 which normally is around N7,000 from anywhere else, here's is a link to buy it

One advantage of buying this device here is that, it will be delivered to you at your door step without any stress of going anywhere to get it. 

How To Get Upto 10x [Data + Call] Bonus On Airtel Daily

Yes, it still wotks, you can now get upto 10x times and more bonus on your Airtel line everyday, which means whenever you make any recharge, you are automatically given 10 times and more that amount to call and browse (data). WOW!

How To Get Upto 10x [Data + Call] Bonus On Airtel Daily

Remember that Airtel YouTube Packs has also been upgraded? checkout - Airtel YouTube Packs Now UPGRADED - See How To Subscribe 

How To Get Upto 10x Bonus On Airtel Network Daily

Lets see how possible this is;

Airtel NG recently introduced a new package called smartRecharge (#DoAnyhow), it's a new offer from that gives you 10 times more on your recharge for voice and data.

According to Airtel in a recent text message;
Call. Connect. Download.
With smartRecharge we give you 10times more on your recharge value for voice and data!
Now you have even more to Stream. Dance. Sing.
Basically Do AnyHow!
Dial *220*PIN# to recharge and get your bonus today!

About The Airtel 10x SmartRecharge Bonus

Interestingly, this offer is open for all Airtel subscribers both new and existing customers.

On Airtel SmartRecharge:
  • If you recharge N100 , you’ll get N500 for calls and N500 for data.
  • If you recharge N200 , you get N1000 for calls and N1000 for data. 
  • If you recharge N500 recharge give N2000 for calls, N3000 for data plus extra N3000 for data.
  • If you recharge N1000, you get a massive N2500 for calls, N7500 for data plus extra N7500 for data.

How To Activate The Airtel 10x Bonus Smart Recharge
  • To activate this bonus, simply dial *220*Recharge pin# and send. 
So as you can see, you get more voice and data bonuses the more you recharge.

Post was also updated on Thursday, 12th July 2018

Saturday, 7 July 2018

New Working Glo Free Browsing Cheat On Psiphon July 2018

Recently i posted fast glo cheat on anonytun and xp psiphon which is fast and works perfectly, this glo cheat served as alternative for those having issues of disconnections.

Here i am adding  new post on the Glo free browsing cheat, this one has an updated settings, and also uses the normal psiphon app, which works perfectly on most phones.

New Working Glo Free Browsing Cheat On Psiphon July 2018

1. Psiphon Pro Lite Handler ( Download It Here )
2. A Glo SIM with 0.00 airtime. (no airtime should be inside)
3. Strong 💪 3G/4G Network (won't work on 2g network)
5. Glo 3G SIM
4. Your android phone

Glo Free Browsing Cheat On Psiphon Pro Lite July 2018

Name: glo 00
APN: gloflat
APN Type: Tick only Default
Port: 8080
Username and password: leave it empty

Now open your Psiphon Pro Lite Handler and configure it as below:
Tick Remove Port
Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP
Real proxy server:
Real proxy port: 8080

Now tap on Save .

For information on how to setup Psiphon pro lite you can check here.

Finally, hit the " connect " button and watch the speed.