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Saturday 4 August 2018

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Or Any App On Your Android

This post will show you how you can use or run multiple applications such as whatsapp or any app on your Android phone.

My post here on this will be very easy, brief, short and simple.

There is an application to do this the name of the application is known as Parallel Space. 

Click here to Install Parallel Space App from Playstore

With this App, you can have two different whatsapp on your phone, yes, just incase you have being wondering how can i do two or more than one Whatsapp on my phone? This is the perfect solution for you.

How To Run Multiple Whatsapp Or Any App On Your Android

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Or Any App On Your Android

After successfully download and installation of the Parameters Space App, follow the stepson below to clone the App in two's;

  • Open the Parallel Space App 
  • Locate the App you want to clone e.g Whatsapp
  • Now, you have to Add the app which you want to install two times on your mobile. So click on app, it will start creating Clone of that app.
  • Within few seconds it will complete adding and clone of that app will successfully created in Parallel space with new data.
  • It will launch same app with new data on your screen and it will run like it’s a new app which was not installed ever before on your phone
  • Of it is Whatsapp you are Cloning, Make new account in this app and access one app twice on your device. It means your original app is still running with old account and second app will run in Parallel space app with another account.
  • You will aways open the Parallel Space App to use your new App (the second Whatsapp).

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