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Tuesday 17 October 2017

How To Make Your Android Phone Battery Last Longer

Smartphones of today have really evolved in so many ways, statistics have shown that the most used smartphones in areas except the UK United Kingdom or the US United States is the Android Smartphone, of course every tech lover of 2017 wants to have an android device, one way or the other you may agree with me that though in comparison Apple/iPhone products are the best in terms of functionality and user experience, but still Android still dominate the smartphone market. Many have said this is because it is cheap and easy to get, its parts are cheap to replace anytime, anywhere and of a certainty, this is absolute true, Android smartphone parts are cheap and can be found in most tech markets/stores.

How To Make Your Android Phone Battery Last Longer

Before i forget Blackberry is also a smartphone right? Lol, seemingly blackberry is almost out of the market, sincerely in countries here in Africa like Nigeria where i come from, blackberry usage has really reduced over time, this depletion in the usage of blackberry smartphones started at the inception of Android smartphones some few years back!

One of the most important specification/feature  tech lovers of today look out for in any smartphone is the battery life. This shows you how important the battery of a phone is and meaning its a very significant aspect of any smartphone. These days, it is very rare to see a smartphone battery last for upto 24hrs without being charged, this reason is not because the battery of the smartphone is bad or perhaps some things have gone wrong with the phone, this is mostly because of the usage of smartphones today by users.

So i this post i have decided to highlight some useful tips that one can use to make your smartphone battery last a little longer, so as not to always charge it.

How You Can Make You Android Phones Battery Last Longer

Below, i have highlighted some points that should help in making your smartphone android battery last a little longer;
  • Screen Time-Out Control

A very important feature your have to focus on is the screen time-out timing on your smartphone, this is significantly important for android users. You need to control your smartphones screen time-out because this is one of the things which drain your smartphone battery.
Tips On How To Make Android Smartphones Battery Last Longer

To make this happen, goto your phone settings and visit display/screen settings, the best thing is to reduce your screen time-out to the lowest display time-out on your android smartphone. Like it is shown in the android smartphone above, the lowest screen time-out of this smartphone is 15secs, so i will select 15secs and then save it.
  • Display Brightness Level

Also another important thing that will help make your android smartphone battery last longer is to reduce the brightness level of the smartphone. The best brightness level to put your smartphone, when you are indoors put the brightness level to DIM brightness or reduce the brightness level to the least level. But when you are outdoors, because of the DIM brightness selected and the sunlight outdoor you might not really see clearly some things on your phone, so you can change your brightness level by increasing it to a preferred level where you can now see your phone clear. I advice you do not put you phone display brightness on AUTO MODE
  • Bluetooth OFF

Yes, always make sure you turn off your bluetooth. Especially in android we should all know by now that every thing that works on an android smartphone every including the operating system OS is an application, so this means that your android smartphones' bluetooth also has an application and this application will continue to run, draining the battery if the bluetooth is on. Bluetooth is also a connectivity option and onething about connectivities is that they drain battery faster than any other system feature. When you aren’t listening to the BT radio or using the hands-free, do your battery a favour and turn it off the bluetooth.
  • Mobile Data - WiFi Connections

If possible its battery effective to use wireless connectivity for browsing the internet on your android smartphone, like connecting to Hotspots and so on  rather using the mobile connection, this is because the mobile phone connection consumes more battery than wireless connections. So its important to always put off your mobile data when you are not using your android smartphone for an internet related stuff. Though, this doesn't mean your WiFi should be on, note that WiFi being on means that it would always continue to search for available WiFi networks therefore draining the battery of your android smartphone. When you are not using this feature anymore endeavor to put it off. 
  • GPS Location Services

Another way to make your android smartphone battery last longer is by cutting off on location service and GPS, some mobile tech users are fond of constantly monitoring their locations using GPS locations.

Most times you will not notice this because some android applications would have been given GPS access which then runs the underground feature. To make your android smartphone battery last even longer, make sure you turn off GPS/Location Services. 
  • Clearing Background Applications

One of the popular methods to increasing an android smartphone battery life is clearing all running background applications, even most android battery saver applications - applications downloaded to probably increase your android battery life span, the applications will stop background applications from running; this tells you how popular and the  usage of this method. Of course your android smartphone may have a RAM of 3GB, or more but this doesn't mean you should not clear the background, running applications you are not using, for example if you open 20 applications at a time and you are just making use of 2 applications, it is advisable to clear the remaining 18 applications because all the 20 apps running will then to drain your battery
  • Remove Vibrations

It takes only a few amount of energy for your smartphone to ring while notifying you of an alert or call or any other things of the sort but when you decide to go the way of vibration, you are placing a heavier load on the battery.

It takes a small membrane of the phone speaker to ring but for vibrations, the phone would need to generate enough mechanical energy to set a motor in motion which produces that vibration effect. You are not only draining the battery in the short run, but also impacting the life of your android smartphone battery in the long run.
  • Choose Priority Notifications

Almost every apps now, if not all of them, are in the habit of cranking up internet time all by themselves to look for updates, add new information to their database and keep afresh and abreast with your activities. Games are not even left out due to the online community that the gaming world is starting to develop now and when these apps find something, they try to let you know by ringing, vibrating, chiming or flashing you the LED. Not only does their jaywalking on the streets of the internet drain your battery, the way they notify you also does damages on its own. Take only the apps you really need and turn on notifications anthem. Kill the notifications on others and even for the ones you have left on, a simple beep would do. And Lastly...
  • Put Android Phone On Battery Saver Modes

Most android smartphones of today now have some special type of battery saving mode which comes with the android smartphone, its advisable to take advantage of this feature. On the Android 6.0 Marshmallow foe example there is a feature called Doze feature, it reminds you to put your android smartphone on a doze/sleep mode when nit in use; which would help in improving your android smartphones battery life.

So that's all the tips i have on how to make android smartphones battery last a little longer... Take advantage of these tips i have discussed above and be sure to experience new changes to your android smartphone battery life.

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