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Monday 30 October 2017

Whatsapp Recall Feature Full Review And How To Use It

Well its no more news and nothing fresh about the Whatsapp recall feature, most tech and whatsapp enthusiasts have heard about this new update to whatsapp called the recall feature. Sincerely for those who use GBWhatsapp you will agree with me that this is nothing new on Whatsappp, as it has been a feature used overtime but just that for those who make use of the normal whatsapp apk, it was not available.

What is this recall feature all about?

The whatsapp recall feature helps you to delete any already sent whatsapp messages before the receiver(s), get to see it or perhaps before the chat message is delivered on the other end. And i must commend whatsapp because its a good implementation and update on their own part, making it available for all whatsapp users on their recent updates.

So in this post, i basically will be highlighting two points or sub-topic about this whatsapp recall feature. Frist thing i will be showing you is how to perform a whatsapp recall message operation and secondly, a few important things you should know when using the whatsapp recall feature.

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How To Recall WhatsApp Messages

When wanting to delete a whatsapp message you have just sent, simply go through the process below, i have made it even more simplified with a few images attached.

1. Open the chat you want to delete a message from, then highlight the message to be deleted, you will now see a familiar set of buttons at the top of the chat window. Tap the “delete” button to open its pop-up window, where you’ll select the “Delete for Everyone” option to recall your sent messages.

Whatsapp Recall Feature Full Review And How To Use It

2. See below, message text is replaced with a “This message was deleted” for the receiver of the message(person you sent the message to). And you’ll see a “You deleted this message”

How to Recall WhatsApp Messages

3. If you want to delete messages just for yourself, you can do so by tapping the “Delete for Me” button instead, see below

Important Things To Note When Using The Recall Feature On WhatApp

Important Things To Note When Using The Recall Feature On WhatApp

Below are a few things you should keep in mind before trying to send and recall any whatsapp message:
  • The message recall feature only works for text messages but is also said to be compatible with images, GIFs, voice notes, contact cards, location, documents, status replies, and more. Also, the messages work in both group chats and individual chats. There is currently no support for recalling quoted messages.
  • The ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature will only work when the receiver is using the latest version of WhatsApp, that supports this feature also.
  • The Delete for Everyone action will also make message notifications disappear. You don’t have to worry about recipients reading your texts even in the notifications. They will be replaced with the same ‘This message was deleted’ tag.
  • You have just 7 minutes after sending the message to take action and choose the Delete for Everyone option, Else you can no longer recall sent messages.
  • The message recalling feature is rolling out to iOS, Android, and Windows users. This means your recalling requests for messages sent to Symbian phones and BlackBerry phones won’t work.
  • The message recall feature is not available for messages sent to a broadcast lists.

Note: This Whatsapp recall features was done on WhatsApp v 2.17.400 Beta my OnePlus 5 running Oxygen OS (Android 7.1) and Nexus 5X running Android Oreo 8.1.