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Sunday 29 October 2017

6 Ways To Save More Money On Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday is a time in the year when most marketers, brands and consumers do some online shopping. During this period, the prices of items are relatively cheaper than the normal price.

6 Tips To Save More Money On Black Friday Deals In Nigeria

Most especially we consumers especially the tech lovers go for phones and gadgets, some more reasons why we do not accomplish our mission in getting these tech products is because of we fail to get informed on the cost, product is out of stock, item might not meet the necessary requirements we expected and most especially, the price of the product even on a black friday would still look expensive to purchase. Well even with all these conditions i have stated, some still save more money on black friday deals, and be the ones to purchase fast. Do you know you can save some much more cash on a black friday? Even with the numerous deals.

In this article, i have decided to share with you some useful tips that would be very helpful, in order to save you some more money, time and cost during black fridays.

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The most common black fridays we here in Nigeria are the Jumia and Konga Black Fridays, and this online shop try as much as possible to slash the prices of products, even though we still complain that the prices are not slashed enough. With the tips i would be highlighting below i hooe you will infact save much more on black friday deals.

To get the best out of black friday massive online discount deals, here are six 6 best ways to save you some coins for other purposes.

6 Ways To Save More Money On Black Friday Deals In Nigeria

The first thing to do is to register, of course what do i mean by that, depending on the online shopping site you have chose to buy from on black friday, be it jumia or konga black friday: you must register a user account with them, have a jumia or konga account before the day of the black friday. When you register an account, it will save you some time more time, and you can quickly order for the item immediately, because the price might just change if you do not check out quickly, and you know, you must have an account first for this to be possible. This would also give you an edge over guest shoppers.

Subscribing to black friday news is also gonna be a massive advantage. The during the last black friday, a product i bought for a very low price, i came about the price of that product because i had subscribed to their newsletters. So make sure you subscribe to their black friday newsletters to get the latest deals faster. Try it too!

KongaPay is a platform that you can use to pay for orders made on konga, you can save 5% on all orders you make using the KongaPay. When you want to pay for product, just  pay using KongaPay... Enter your Bank details, Pay and Receive your coupon code... That's all.

With jumia vouchers, you can get more slashes on of the price of the product. Jumia offers some double awoof vouchers which are available in N2,000, N5,000 and N10,000, the exciting thing there is that you pay half price.  i.e to buy a N2,000 voucher, you only pay N1,000.

Jumia offers a free N2000 coupon voucher whenever you use the Jumia Mobile App to make a purchase. You can take advantage of this by downloading the jumia mobile app here, and get free N2000 when you place an order at least N8000 and above using the Jumia Mobile App.

Yes, do a very thorough comparison between different online shopping websites black friday prices to know which one is cheaper. This method will really save you some huge cash too as it helps to choose the lowest priced items

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