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Tuesday 5 September 2017

6 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue!

Recently i was going through the internet and i read an interview on affiliate marketing, this interview really exposed me and expanded my thinking. Yes affiliate marketing might not seem easy, which is not because this will require lots of commitments and write ups or even content to research on regarding the affiliate products you are promoting.

6 Ways to Increase your Affiliate Marketing Revenue!

I am also an affiliate too, and i know what it takes. Its really not an easy thing to get conversions, conversions i mean getting clicks and potential buys on the affiliate product.

There are few affiliations that pay well in Nigeria especially for those in  the tech niche, Jumia and Konga affiliate marketing has been the best so far with sites like Jiji and Yaguda coming Up.

The main goal of going into any affiliate business is actually to make money, money is a source of good living. But the problem we face mostly today is that we earn less revenue on our affiliate programs.

I will be describing here in this post 6 ways to increase your affiliate revenue. This 6 ways i got  from in depth research and also from other internet resource and i beloved will be very relevant to increasing your affiliate revenue.

So many questions have been asked on how you can increase your affiliate revenue or commissions; here are a few tips i will be sharing:

6 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue!

Focus on building traffic:
Yes Building good traffic is priority, most of thr top gainers in the affiliate world today are the ones with more traffic to their site. This means that without traffic they wouldn't have made so much. So have it in mind that more traffic means more eyes to your site and therefore more people who will buy the product(s) you promote.

Promote products you are already using:
Especially for we who are bloggers that blog on a particular niche, maybe a tech site for example where you talk about tech products like phones and gadgets. The best way you can talk about a product and give a potential buyer more information about the product is when you have used such products. You know that it is mostly products we use that will like to let others too know about it especially when such a product is very good. So i advice try marketing products you have used so as to write good reviews on them and by this you will be able to convince a potential buyer to purchase sich products. 

Promote wisely: 
Be wise when you choose a product to promote, most time you have to be sure tbat such products will bring huge conversions. Spending most of your time promoting low income products might not be the best. Take your time and choose right. 

Choose products that help your reader solve a problem:
Yes choosing a product that will likely solve a problem could engage more visitors to your website and in return you get more revenue. The internet of today is full of questions. Many people who use the internet are out there looking for ways to solve one or two problems. This posts or products you promote, especially excellent ones will open your readers to spending money on them. 

Promote products within a post, not just in your sidebar: 
Very Important idea here, don't just put a image of a affiliate product on your sidebar or a tab on your website, try to write on them, let your visitors understand what such products should mean. You can even include your personal experience with the product, maybe your own photos or videos of yourself using the products this will be so useful in boosting your revenue.

Make sure you attach your affiliate link to images:
Ensure when you promote your product in a post, the image is well linked i.e. drives the website visitor to the product page. This is very important.
    I hope after applying this tips on your website, it should go a long way to increase your affiliate marketing revenue.

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