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How To Share Or Transfer Data On Glo Network

Recently i stumbled on a question on one of my Whatsapp Groups, i was so dumbfounded when i saw a question about transfer of Data on Glo network, of course so people may know about this already, but for who that doesn't know, i have decided to share it.

How To Share Or Transfer Data On Glo Network

In this post, i will be showing you how to share or transfer your Data/Megabyte(MB) to your Friend and your love ones on your Glo Sim, This is the right solution for you. Now with Glo subscriber have the opportunity to transfer their credit and data to their loved ones.

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Without much talk or explanations...

How To Share Or Transfer Data On Glo Network

Here is a Step-by-Step process on how you can share your Glo data with others, with this process Glo users can easily share their data plan with friend and others, but to share your data you will need to know the phone number of the recipient you want to share your data with.

This Process is in Two (2) different ways:
  1. By Using USSD
  2. By Using SMS

First Way, Using USSD Format:
If you want to use USSD format to transfer data from one Glo user to another Glo user, Just dial *127*01*Phone No of the recipient#

For example if you are transferring data to a number - 08058764567

Simply dial: *127*01*08058764567#

Second Way, Using SMS:
By using SMS method to transfer data from one Glo user to another, simply Send Share space Recipient Number to 127.

For example Send Share 08058764567 to 127.

How To Check The Number Of Users Using Your Glo Data

Yes, you can check the number of users currently using your data plan; by simply dialing *127*00#; Alternatively, you can send a text message, “List” to 127.

How To Remove Or Delete Users Using Your Glo Data

Yes, you can also remove any users currently using your data plan; to do this simply dial *127*02* Phone number of User#.

For example if you want to remove a user with phone number - 08056574567 from your Glo data, simply dial *127*02*08056574567#.

Alternatively, you can send a text message to do this by Sending Remove space Phone No to 127

How to Check Your Glo Data Plan Balance

Also, you can check your Glo data Plan Status, by dialing  *127*0# or Sending "info" to 127 as an SMS.

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