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Saturday 14 October 2017

5 Ways To Check Data (MB) Balance On Glo Network

Sometimes when you subscribe to a data plan on Glo, checking your data balance could be a little tedious. But in this post are five (5) easy ways you can check you data balance.

For example you want to Check Glo Data Balance With SMS, Check Glo Data Balance Through USSD codes, Check Glo Data Balance For Blackberry Plans, Check Glo Bonus Data Balance,
Check Glo Bounce Data Balance, they are all listed below.

5 Ways To Check Data (MB) Balance On Glo Network

Check Glo Data Balance With SMS

Choosing this method to check your data balance is also very easy. Simply follow the steps below:

Open the messaging app on your device
Type the word, ‘INFO‘. Don’t include the inverted commas or quotation marks
Send the message to 127
You would receive a message shortly to inform you of your data balance and expiry or validity date of the data.

Check Glo Data Balance Through USSD codes

There are two ways to check Glo data balance using USSD codes.

In the first method,
simply dial *777# on your phone.
A screen prompt would pop up. All you need to do is:
  • Choose the data plan you are currently on.
  • Then choose ‘Manage Data‘ and on the next screen hit ‘Data Balance.‘
  • A notification would pop out with the data balance information.
In the second method,
Simply dial *127*0# on your mobile phone. Again, data balance would be made available through a notification on your screen.

Check Glo Data Balance For Blackberry Plans

Blackberry data bundles are not as popular due to the dominance of Android devices. But if you still subscribe to Glo BB bundles, these are the ways you could check your data balance.

Glo BIS data balance – you can do it by using this USSD code:
  • Simply dial *777*0# or send a text message to 777 after typing STATUS in your messaging app.
Blackberry data balance: – in your messaging app, simply type Info and send it to 127.
You would receive a message with the information you need after a short while.

Check Glo Bounce Data Balance

Glo Bounce is a popular package for subscribers that comes with a lot of freebies.

If you are on Glo Bounce, you can check the data balance by simply dialing #124#1# or #122#.

How To Check Glo Bonus Data Balance

It is common for Glo network to reward loyal subscribers on different packages with bonus data.

The above methods of checking you Glo data balance would not reveal the bonus data in most cases.

The codes below apply to the data bonuses you would get on packages such as Jollific8, Super Max, Campus Booster, Glo Infinito, and G-Bam.

Simply dial *606# and follow the prompt on your screen or dial #122#.

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