Sunday, 22 October 2017

9Mobile Special Offer - 1GB For N200 And 5GB For N1000

Taking a look again at the title of this post and you are wondering, is this really possible, how? well that is why you are here. Yes it possible to get 1GB for N200 and also 5GB for N1000 on 9Mobile network.

How To Get 1GB Data For N200 And 5GB for N1000 On 9Mobile

Just to hint: that 9Mobile has been bringing back some of its old offers, yes i mean offers that were also gotten when 9Mobile was still Etisalat, and one of them they have brought back is the  "RAMADAN SPECIAL OFFER".

Ohh, now you remember? for those who knew about the "RAMADAN SPECIAL OFFER" for Etisalat then, yes its back on 9Mobile.

How To Get 1GB Data For N200 And 5GB for N1000 On 9Mobile

The "RAMADAN SPECIAL OFFER" is a special offer gave out 1GB worth of data for just N200 to celebrate the day. Though it was actually stopped by 9Mobile initially, but i think they have given it another thought, perhaps its a way to get back customers and even attract more subscribers to the network also.

How To Get 1GB Data For N200 On 9Mobile

How To Get 1GB Data For N200 On 9Mobile

To get this 1GB data for N200, simply follow the procedures below;
  • First load a minimum amount of N200 or ensure you currently have N200 on your 9Mobile line
  • Now dial *929*10# to activate the offer
  • You should now be given 1GB data. 
  • This 1GB data is actually valid for 3days

How To Get 5GB Data For N1000 On 9Mobile

  • To get 5GB data, simply follow the steps in getting 1GB data again. 
  • This means that you must;
  • Have N1000 on your line then;
  • Dial *929*10# five times to activate the offer 
NOTE:- You might receive error messages while trying to activate the offer, don't be dismayed by this error messages, just continue dialing the code, you would surely get activated.
How To Get 5GB Data For N1000 On 9Mobile

To Check Your Data Balance, Simply dial *228#

Also its not just limited to 1GB or 5GB, by continually following the same procedures you will be accumulating more data, for N200.

Did this work for you? let me know by dropping a comment below.

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  1. all 9mobile user should avail themselves of this golden opportunity because am enjoying mine now.