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Saturday 2 December 2017

6 Ways To Check Any Data (MB) Balance On Airtel Network And Their Subscription Codes

When you subscribe to a particular data plan on Airtel, checking your data balance could be a little tedious.

Though Airtel has made itba little bit easier to check all or any type of data bonus or balance which is the common, dialing *140# or *141*7#.

But apart from this two codes, there are other ways which you can also check your data balance on Airtel Network, you may hint that this is really not 100% needful, but just to add to your knowledge and also because there are some data plans or bonuses you may have subscribed to and those two common codes or methods may not work, so any of the ways i would be listing below would then be of importance and seen as a need.

6 Ways To Check Data (MB) Balance On Airtel Network And Their Subscription Codes

One of the biggest challenge is keeping up with all the data plans. An even bigger challenge is how to check your data plan once you subscribe to a bundle.

Below are all Airtel data bundles, how to subscribe to them and how to check your data balance to see how much you have left.

1. Data Balance And Subscription Code For Any Airtel Normal Data Plan

Airtel has several categories, including the daily, weekly and monthly bundles.

The subscription codes are as follows:

  • Daily – Dial *410#. You would be given 30MB for the day. This costs just N100.
  • 3 Days – dial *412#. You would be given 50MB. The bundle of valid for 3 days and cost N200
  • 25MB, 5MB/day, 5 days bundle – dial *412# to get 5MB daily for the next 5 days to make it 25MB in total. It costs N100.
  • Weekly – dial “412# to get 750MB for 2 weeks. It costs N500.

To check your Airtel data balance on any of these plans simply dial *123*10# or *141*7#

2. Check Data Balance For Airtel Android Bundles

The Airtel Android data bundles used to be the normal monthly plans. But with the dominance of Android smartphones and devices, it was changed to the current Android plan.

All the plans are for one month these are the subscription codes:

  • Dial *496# to get 1.5GB for 30 days at N1000
  • Dial *437# to get 3.5GB for 30 days at N2000
  • Dial *437*1# to get 5GB for 30 days at N2,500
  • Dial *438# to get 7GB for 30 days at N3,500
  • Dial *452# to get 12GB for 30 days at N5,000
  • Dial *460# to get 24GB for 30 days at N8,000

To check your Airtel data balance for your Android plans, simply dial *223#. 

But if you want to get the data balance plus expiry date, dial *140#. You would receive an SMS with the information you need.

3. Airtel Blackberry Plans - Check Data Balance And Subscription Codes

Airtel has several Blackberry plans; including plans that work for Blackberry 10 devices. Note that BB10 devices are different from the normal, classic Blackberry devices.

However, no matter which Blackberry plan you subscribe to, there are two ways to check your airtel data balance:

  • Blackberry Complete/absolute – *123*175#
  • Blackberry normal data plan – *123*9#

4. Airtel WTF Plan Data Balance

The WTF bundle was introduced to give Airtel subscribers unlimited access to social media sites like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can subscribe to the weekly or monthly bundle.
  • Dial *990# to get the monthly bundle at N200
  • Dial *991# to subscribe to the weekly bundle at N200.
To check your Airtel WTF data balance simply dial *990*0#

5. Airtel WhatsApp Plan - Subscription Code And Checking Data Balance

This plan is just for WhatsApp alone. If you want to subscribe to it, just dial *948#.

It would give you access to WhatsApp for 1 months at N100.

To check data balance on this plan, simply dial *885*0#

6. Airtel Operamini Social Plan Data Balance

With the Airtel Opera Mini social bundle, you get to browse Whatsapp, Facebook and Operamini for  1 month, with 1GB at N300.

To Subscribe, dial *688*1#

To check your Airtel data balance for the Opera mini social bundle, simply dial *141*7#

Those are the codes for checking different data packages on the Airtel network. However, the code *140# should be sufficient to check any Airtel data balance.

If that does not work for one reason or the other, then you can try the individual USSD codes to check your Airtel data balance.

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