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Wednesday 11 May 2016

Etisalat Social Pak Free Browsing Plan is Now Data Capped

I would have said that i should not be surprised on this topic "Etisalat Social Pak Free Browsing Plan is Now Data Capped" concerning the data cap of the social pak plan. But really, i am surprised.

Few months back i had gotten reports from a pro-webmaster friend telling me that the social pak paln is now data capped, but i ignored him, telling him that it was not possible now. Though he didn't show me any proof on the data capp stuff so i didn't believe.

After a long while, for months now in which i have been enjoying my social pak monthly plan, with very good and stable ip address, which has made me to stream and download stuffs online unlimited; saving me a lot of money from normal subscription plans.

But today i got a message from Etisalat,  Saying -  "You have reached your smartpaks maximum usage, further usage will now be billed from your other available accounts". 

It was like a joke, until my Internet disconnected and non of my browsers or application connected.

I was so surprised. After much negotiations within myself, since i confirmed that the data cap stuff means my subscription has ended and that it will no longer connect. I then decided to subscribe for the weekly social me plan and.. WALAH..  It connected back.

I am writing this to inform you that the Etisalat Social Pak is now data capped, so please limit the rate at which you stream and download for free.
So that you won't have to subscribe twice in a week or month as i had done.

See Image below for proof below:

safaxnet Etisalat Social Me Free Browsing

From my statistics it seems the social pak data cap is about 4GB. This i got when i calculated my data usage from the last time i subscribed.

That's All on this topic.. Feel free to add your comment or views.

And Note:- This doesn't mean the Etisalat Social Me Free Browsing has stopped working. It stills works perfectly and even much more faster now, but the thing is that the data usage is now limited [No More Unlimited].  

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