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Tuesday 10 May 2016

Etisalat Social Me Free Browsing IP Works On Syphon Shield

The Etisalat Free Browsing has been working and blazing perfectly in the past few days. This post is to inform and show you how the Etisalat Free Browsing Social Me plan can work on Syphon Field Android Application.

Note:- Using this new application doesn't really do much on the Browsing speed but, the download speed os quite better than on other applications such as Psiphon, HTTP Injector and others. Also it still works with the current blazing free browsing IP Address: The only a little change is the setup of this application as compared to others. This  new ip and port also works perfectly on th psiphon application.

How To Configure This IP On Syphon Shield For Free Browsing

Make sure you follow this steps:

1. As usual, you must be subscribed to a social pack plan to use this package. 

How To Subscribe To Any Of Etisalat Social Pack Plan

First: You must be on Easycliq; If you are not on Easycliq, Simply Dial *244*1# to migrate to EasyCliq.

Second: Subscribe for the Etisalat socialme plan, by dialing  *343*6*10# for the weekly plan @N300 and  *343*6*11# for the Monthly plan @N500.

2. You must have the Syphon App. For those that do not have this application installed on their device, yo can click here to download Syphon Shield Apk

3.  After Download or Installing it, Open the application, Minimise It and goto your access point settings. 

4. Create a new access point, name the access point anything. Only make changes to the APN spot, put: "etisalat" - This means that you will leave other spots blank or as they were originally. Save the new access point and then activate it.  

5. Now, Open back the Syphon Shield application. See the Image below.

*Choose, Proxy type: Dual Real host*
*Custom Header: X-Online-Host*
*Proxy Server:*
*Proxy Type: HTTP*
*Real Proxy Server: leave it empty*
*Real Proxy Port: 80*

6. After you Hit "Save",  you will see this image below;

Click on the "Settings Icon" - See Image below

You will then see something like this, as shown below:

From the image above, @ Proxy Settings
*Tick: Connect through an HTTP Proxy.*
*Select: Use the following network settings*
*Host Address:*
*Port: 3128*

7. Go back and click on The "County's Tab" As shown below:

Though You can select any country of your choice, I prefer using *United States*

8. Finally - You can now Hit the "Connect Button" See image below;

That's all, Its works perfectly well on all browsers, and as i have hinted above the only way is that it has a better download speed.  #Enjoy! 

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