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Monday 16 July 2018

Glo Cheat Using Sky VPN - No More Disconnections

A new alternative is now available for the glo free browsing cheat currently rocking on Anonytun vpn and Uc mini handler. Which i had posted on few days/weeks back.

Though Glo network is very poor, compared to other networks in Nigeria, but with the way you get disconnections on other vpn apps like Anonytun, the sky vpn glo cheat is a bit different as it is very reduced here.

Another thing i love about this sky vpn glo cheat is that no setup or settings is required, i.e a configuration. You just open and connect.

The sky vpn glo cheat has a downside, it is capped at some amount of megabytes daily, expect you are on the premium usage

In this post i will be showing you a step by step process in setting up this app for the glo cheat.

Sky VPN Settings For Glo Free Browsing Cheat

In using this app, set your Glo Apn settings to default, download the Sky Vpn App here, or here incase you don't have it installed. Also good 3G/4G network in your area.

Like i said earlier, there's no special settings on this VPN, but you will be limited to some data usage, until you become a premium user.

> After you have downloaded the app, open it.
Then click on the menu icon at the top left corner.

Sky VPN Settings For Glo Free Browsing Cheat

> Now click on Premium Traffic and tap the Daily Check-in to get free 75MB data. Tap I'm Feeling Lucky to get free 25MB data. (as shown in image above)

Now, go back to the app main page, and tap on Premium button, a pop up message will ask if you want to upgrade, click on Upgrade and choose United States as your region.

If you follow my steps properly then you should see that the Premium text will turn yellow in color.

Now tap on Connect, wait for about 60 seconds for it to connect and you're good to start browsing. You will never experience any form of disconnections again.

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