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Tuesday 17 July 2018

5 Helpful Tips To Protect Your Smartphone From Water Damage

Water is one of the killer of electronic devices; and because of this a smartphone must be used cautiously, especially during the rainy seasons. Because, if water gets inside and you continue to use your phone then it will result in a permanent damage to its internal circuitry whose repair might burn in a hole in your pocket.

If you do not use a water resistant smart device, it is very important to know how to protect your smartphone during the rainy season. Lers see 5 helpful tips thar can be used to help you protect your smartphone from water damage.

5 Helpful Tips To Protect Any Smartphone From Water Damage

5 Helpful Tips To Protect Any Smartphone From Water Damage

Don’t Use The Phone Unnecessarily
Most smartphone users are in constant habit of checking their smartphones after every few minutes for no reason at all. This increases the risk of getting your phone wet or even dropping in the flood.

Make Use Of A Waterproof Phone Case/Cover
A waterproof cover provides the ultimate protection so you can use your phone without any worries. While looking for new covers, look for a waterproof cover that encloses the ports as well. It can be as cheap as $3 and if you’re in Nigeria, you can get it for as low as N1,500, available on Jumia Nigeria.

Using A Plastic Bag
A plastic bag could just be a life saver; If you don't find a case or zip lock pouch, you can wrap your phone in a plastic bag that is lying around. It is better to keep a plastic bag handy in your bag all the time.

Always Carry Along Hand Towel
If your smartphone gets wet accidentally, you can use the hand towel to wipe the water. Alternatively, you can also wrap the phone in the hand towel and put it in your bag to reduce the risk of water damage.

Use Zip Lock Pouches
If you haven't purchased a waterproof case for your smartphone, and you need to save your phone from the rain, you can use a zip lock pouch or bag. This is an ideal way to save your phone from getting damaged due to water, but ensure to lock the pouch carefully.

In conclusion, its very important we take very good care of our devices, not just smartphones but all tech gadgets and smart devices.

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