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Friday, 8 December 2017

Jumia Black Friday Last Chance Deals - Friday 8th December

Jumia is back again with another what i call Black friday on a friday in which they do this unusual by slashing even more items than the normal black friday deals, remember the Jumia black friday festival 2017 is still on and numerous discounts are given on different products daily until 13th December 2017.

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Over two week ago Jumia did this same Black friday on a friday stuff which we saw Infinix Hot 5 Lite sold for N10,000, IphoneX for N100,000, HP 4GB, 500GB Sold for N40,000 as well as many discounts which went down on that day. They downside that day was that Jumia Nigeria only gave out one item per product; which means only one was available and slashed to that amount, making it so very slim for people to win, also it was done as a treasure hunt, which meant that you have to search for the item from numerous products available. It really shows slim chances one will get here.

Jumia Black Friday Last Chance Deals - Friday 8th December

Well one the you should know about now is that the same Black friday on a Friday is back again and it is tagged Last Chance Deals, happening this Friday, 8th December 2017, and here i will be showing you all what to expect on that day, all in full details.

You really won't want to miss out shopping on that day right? apart from giving out information here we will be live on all our Whatsapp platforms to give you the latest as they break in Join our WhatsApp groups here

One reason you also will not want to miss out on is that there will be free shipping on that day for anything you buy across Lagos, so if you stay within the axis of Lagos state good for you, get ready to enjoy free shipping.

Jumia Black Friday - LAST CHANCE Friday 8th December

The deals i will be listing below are extra killer discounts on selected products and will be happening all through the day with upto 80% off and it is on a first come, first serve basis.

Jumia Black Friday - LAST CHANCE Friday 8th December

So do take note of them, any you may be interested in and you can as well bookmark this page to serve as a reminder for you. Check them out below;

Polystar 32 inch PV-GLHD3215DVT Smart LED TV - Black Colour selling for N49,990 with 21% discount off - Shop Now

Philips Dry Iron Dl-108 - White and Red Colors will be available selling at N2,490 - Shop Now

PS4 - Fifa 2018, Game console, full edition for Play station four selling at N15,990 only - Shop Now

New Lenovo Tab 7, (2017 Model) Essential Tab 7" Quad Core 1.1 Ghz processor speed with 3G network, 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM selling for N35,990 - Shop Now

Nexus NX-SAC9000M (Premium Model) 1HP Air Conditioner With Installation Kit attached sold for N49,990 - Shop Now

With 14% off we see Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus G530, A dual sim 4G LTE Android smartphone, storage capacity of 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, Silver like color selling at N35,990 - Shop Now

Moflix ComfortFix Diapers for babies of course, Size 1 (50 counts) selling for N1,470 - Shop Now

With 24% off ASUS X206HA-FD0020TS Laptop Selling At N75,990, Its comes with a 2GB RAM and 500GB HDD - Shop Now

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Jumia Black Friday Last Chance - Treasure Hunt Deals

Below is a list of the treasure hunt deals to expect with information on how and when they will be available, remember to bookmark this page on your web browser for quicker access.

Jumia Black Friday Last Chance Deals - Friday 8th December

Information on how you too can take part in this Jumia black friday treasure hunt deals, which is the big one, is shown below after showing all the treasure hunt deals. Important: all deals slashing for treasure hunt starts by 8am on Friday 8th December 2017. Checkout the amazing deals below;

iPhone X will be slashed at exactly 8:00am from that time it will be selling for N250,000 and only one item is available, which means just one person gets to buy it at that price - Buy Now

Samsung 32 inch UA32FH4003 HD Flat TV with 69% off will be slashed from 8am and available at one item per hour and ten items available. This means one will be released every hour for ten hours at price N30,000 only and ten persons will get it - Buy Now

Samsung Galaxy S8, 4GB RAM, 64 GB ROM selling for N150,000 from 12:00pm and two of this phone is available for sale, which means only two people will buy it. - Buy Now

Haier Thermocool Split AC 1HP selling for N25,000 from 3:00pm and two of this AC is available for sale, which means only two people will buy it - Buy Now

Saisho 3-in-1 Blender with 83% discount on this item is selling for N1000 and 100 of this Blender will be sold, from 8am ten of this blender will be released every hour and 100 persons will get to buy - Buy Now

PS4 - Fifa 2018, Game console, full edition for Play station four selling at N10,000 only and 20 items of this product will be available from 8am be aware that there will be 2 items per hour, and 20 persons will buy it for that price also - Buy Now

How The Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt Works

  • Each treasure hunt item is very limited. Ranging from 1 item to 100 items available per product 
  • Treasure hunt products are hidden randomly across the website at a giveaway price. 
  • You will have to search all shopping categories to find the treasure hunt product leg 3 phone might be hidden in the beauty category) Once you find the product. order it quickly to win it. 

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So what are you waiting for, you had better start shopping now before the best deals at the best prices run out, also payment on delivery option is available for all orders, if you have any issues with places an order, drop a comment below or contact us on Whatapp via 08185820902 and we will get back to you ASAP.

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