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Tuesday 5 December 2017

How To Win Free Vochers/Coupons In Jumia Black Friday 2017

Jumia black friday 2017 has started already and should go down for a whole month, note - the black friday ends 13th December 2017.

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Free vouchers/coupons are up for grabs to spin and win for everday throughout the Jumia Black Friday 2017 festival, vouchers are given to reduce the amount spend we you want to checkout on a certain item, and here we will give you details on how you can win free Vouchers from Jumia this black friday period.

Jumia Black Friday 2017 - Wheel Of Fortune

Yes you get to win something everyday throughout this balckfriday 2017, as the wheel of fortune will be in place. From 13th Nov. till 13th Dec. lots of free give aways will be available especially over 100,000+ Jumia Vochers to be won.

Jumia Black Friday 2017 - Wheel Of Fortune

How To Participate In The Jumia Black Friday 2017 Spin And Win (Wheel Of Fortune)

  • Goto the Jumia Black Friday 2017 Wheel of Fortune page here
  • You will scroll down to the sections and look for WHEEL OF FORTUNE
  • Follow th necessary procedures or link to SPIN,
  • Then SPIN and WIN something for yourself.
  • Remember you must have a registered Jumia account.

I have won so many vochers so far, i won vochers everday in week one, it was just a hit back to back and you too can win. I hope you win too.