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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Two Methods To Read Someone's Whatsapp Chat And Messages

For those looking to more like hack into someones Whatsapp account to read his or her Whatsapp messages, this may be of great interest for you. I wish to tell you it is possible to get someone WhatsApp conversation, like chat, updates and messages while you are using your own device.

In this post will be showing you how you can use two apps which is two different methods to get someone's WhatsApp message, though one method requires you to pay, though the best and safest way, while the other method is free. One on this method will require direct access to the individuals phone, while the other method does not, lets take a look at these two ways to view someones Whatsapp messages.

These methods will be highlighted for both Android, Windows and iPhone users.

How to Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages Using Whatscan for Whatsweb App

This is the first method to read someone whatsapp messages and this method involves using your phone, to be able to read someone’s whatsapp messages on your mobile using this method of Whatsapp for Whatsweb App, just follow this 2 easy steps below:

Step 1: Install and Setup Whatscan for whatsweb

Two Methods To Read Someone's Whatsapp Chat And Messages

You will need to download and install Whatscan app on your device, it is available for both Android and IOS.
Open the app on your phone and select your language, that’s all for step one.

Step 2: Scan QR code on Whatscan with your victims whatsapp

How to Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages Using Whatscan for Whatsweb App

This is the part where you will have to get hold of your victims phone physically to scan the QR code generated by the app. So get your victims phone open their whatsapp and use it to scan the QR code on the whatscan app on your phone.
  • For Android: Open Whatsapp > Menu > WhatsApp Web
  • For iPhone: Open WhatsApp > Settings > WhatsApp Web
  • For Windows Phone: Open WhatsApp > Menu > WhatsApp Web
After scanning the QR Code, Whatscan will now display your victims whatsapp, you can now do all you want on your phone with your victims WhatsApp account like:
  • Read messages
  • Send messages
  • Change profile picture
  • Change Profile status
  • Send voice note
  • Download galleries, files etc to your phone and lots more.
  • You can choose to secure your Whatscan app using a password
That's all using the first method, let's check out the other method below.

How to Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages Using Spymaster Pro App

Spymaster pro is actually a paid app, also the cracked version can be seen online, though not guaranteed by manufacturer, you can check here to download the app, Download link 1 - Download link 2 - Download link 3 - The last download link (3) is a link to get the cracked free version of this app online.

With is app you can read someones Whatsapp message without any access to the persons phone.

What Is Spymaster Pro? It is a monitoring software tracks both iPhone and Android phones. It works in an invisible mode so that the user under surveillance will never come to know about it. With this app, we can keep a secret eye on someone’s WhatsApp conversation: read content of messages, contact details of sender and receiver, along with the date and time stamps.

How It Works? here i will showing you the two ways its works for both Android and iPhone users.

Method One: If the Target Phone Is an Android Phone
You need to install the app on the target cell phone, the setup will hardly take less than five minutes, and it will be done before you actually knew it

How to Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages Using Spymaster Pro App

Once the step 1 is done, just log in to your Spymaster Pro user dashboard to view the WhatsApp messages of the target phone. The login credentials will be provided by the company. You can access the data sitting in any part of the world from your device; an internet connection is what you need to have.

Method Two: If the Target Phone is iPhone

How to Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages Using Spymaster Pro App

In case, the target phone is an iPhone, you just have to provide Apple ID credentials to begin with the WhatsApp tracking, no installation-no jailbreak! After that, jump onto your user account and oversee the collected data.

What do you get with the Spymaster WhatsApp Tracking App
  • Read All WhatsApp chats.
  • Get the names or numbers of the people, who are in a frequent chat with your target user.
  • Get the date and time details of each message being sent and received through the target phone.
  • Access the photos shared over the WhatsApp.
  • It is also 100% Safe to Use
Spymaster Pro is the safest and secured Whatsapp tracking application in the software monitoring industry. The data collected during snooping on a target phone is fully encrypted to ensure that it is safe from the identity thieves. In addition, the company promises, the personal information will not be revealed to anyone.

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In conclusion i will say with this two methods i have highlighted above and their procedures for Android and iPhone device i am sure it will be of great help, tracking or reading someone's Whatsapp messages.


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