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Thursday 16 November 2017

Working Glo Cheat With Active Data Sub Using HTTP Injector

Just as i hinted in my previous post on the new Glo cheat with active data on your Glo line using UC super mod handler, where i said i was going to share the setup using HTTP injector app.

Working Glo Cheat With Active Data Using HTTP Injector

Yes, just a reminder, Glo data will not come up currently unless you have an active data plan, and this process currently only works with Http injector and UC super mod handler, also some say it works on Stark Vpn app, though am yet to confirm that, you can update or open your current stark vpn to try it out.

This cheat is more like a data economizer or a cheap data plan, if for example you wish to download something large, with just N100 you are good to go, imagine having just 50 or 100mb and downloading something of 1gb or more self, that sounds nice right, well yeah, thats the situation we find our self and Glo has put us. Lol.

Lemme move straight to this cheat without typing too much:

I will be showing you how to use the Glo cheat even while you have data, and your data will not be deducted from.

Note this is a try and error stuff, it may not work for your, but i can confirm here its working and also for other memebers that made testimonial of it on one of our Whatsappp group's, thanks to him, i am writing this post.

What To Download For This Cheat

HTTP Injector Download Here
Download Globypass-Jams-LTC.ehi file for HTTP injector here

Settings for Glo Cheat With Data Bundle Using HTTP Injector

1. Go to your phone apn and set it as

2. Next, install the HTTP injector after you have downloaded it.

3. Download Globypass-Jams-LTC.ehi file for HTTP injector below

4. Launch your HTTP injector and click on the file icon >> Import >> and import the Globypass-Jams-LTC.ehi settings (by locating it from your file manager) downloaded.

Settings for Glo Cheat With Data Bundle Using HTTP Injector

5. Now turn on your Mobile Data and Click start on the HTTP injector app to start to connect and start browsing on your glo sim.

Make sure you have a little subscription to any glo data plan or even provided you’ve little mb on your glo sim to solve problem of glo network not coming up or not showing. The ehi file imported to the HTTP injector is blazing unlimited for glo without your mb being deducted.

What Type Of Subscription To Do?

As low as N50, you can subscribe 30MB (dial *127*14#), which will keep your H+ sign on all day. You can also go for the one of 100MB for N100 by dialing *127*51#.

Lemme know you expirience on this, by dropping your review/comment below.



  1. Replies
    1. hi larry,

      good to see yourcomment,,,

      for the import file,,, sorry about that, actually the cheat has stopped working,,, thanks

  2. Hello pls is der any new cheat for glo or eti

  3. Hello pls is der any new cheat for glo or eti

    1. hi Emmanuel, currently there is new or working cheat for any network, but be sure to get it when available, by following this blog everyday. thanks

  4. Please add me to your whatsapp group, thanks. 08031969736