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Wednesday 15 November 2017

New Glo Cheat On UC Super Mod Handler With Internet Data

Well it nothing new that Glo has decided to put off their data network until you have airtime on your phone, infact the Glo cheat on Anonytun self seem to have stopped working. Well something new here is that you can browse and download unlimited on your line with internet data subscription without a dime removed.

New Glo Cheat On UC Super Mod Handler With Internet Data

Yes, how is this possible? using the UC super mod app and some little configuration and hint i will be showing you here, the Glo cheat should work for you, many may say its not a cheat nah, since you will have data, but i tell you imagine subscribing 50MB and download things of 10GB??? What do you call that one? Well that's the position Glo has put us right now, lets take a look at the steps below, and i hope it works for you.

How To Make Your Internet Data Appear

Remember as i hinted earlier, you must have data on your phone, To make your internet connection sign appear, you need to subscribe to any Glo data plan. As low as N50, you can subscribe 30MB (dial *127*14#), which will keep your H+ sign on all day. You can also go for the one of 100MB for N100 by dialing *127*51#.

Now for you to browse for more weeks or months, you need to subscribe to weekly or monthly glo data plan that will open your way to unlimited browsing and downloading for that period of time.

UC Super Mod Handler Settings For GLO Cheat With Internet Data

  • First, download UC Super Mod Handler here -
  • Install the app,
  • Launch it and configure this way:
  • Leave the settings you see as default untouched. 
  • Now set the empty spaces like this;
  • Headers:
  • Proxy port: 8081 or 80
  • Path for download:
  • Now Tick "YouTube Link Capture"

Now before you use it, note/do the following:
  • You can have data, but make sure your airtime balance is zero 
  • Restrict background data connection before connecting, so that the MB will not be removed by other Apps.
  • After connecting and browsing with the UC Handler, always check your data balance. If your data remains the same, then you are good to go (as it is under try and error base).
  • Use default Glo Apn settings
  • This stuff only works on the UC handler app alone currently
  • Try it with Glo 3G Sim, 4G LTE sim might not work.

Lemme know you expirience on this, by dropping your review/comment below.

One of our whatsapp group members yesterday dropped his own settings which is blazing for his, using HTTP Injector and another type of UC Handler App, i will be sharing it soon.



  1. Pls I want to ask of the Uc mini handler is the same as Uc super MOD handler

    1. No its not the same,,, they are different

    2. Thanks please add me to your whatsapp group....08114429043

  2. Add me to your whatsapp group @08143210082