Friday, 6 October 2017

Google Home Mini Will Be Available October 19th For $49

So now we expect that the smaller version of the Google smart speaker will be made available in October 2017.

About The Google Home Mini

Expected by the 19th of October, the Google Home Mini which it is called will br sold for $49, the new model is covered in fabric to make it look good next to the furniture in any room in your house.

Google Home Mini goes up for pre-order today for $49 and it should be available in stores starting October 19th.

About The Google Home Mini 

Google Home Mini is a 360-degree speaker with 4 LED lights under the fabric that light up to let you know when it’s listening and/or “thinking.” And you can interact with the speaker by voice or by tapping the top of the speaker to do things like pausing music, adjusting volume, or talking to assistant.

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Google Assistant is also getting some new features including the ability to automatically ring your Android phone to let you find a phone that’s fallen into the couch cushions. While there’s no ring-your-iPhone option, you can have Google Home call your iPhone, which should make it ring anyway (if your phone isn’t set to silent).

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