Friday, 6 October 2017

Google Home Max Launches In December 2017 For $399

The $399 Google Home Max is a bigger, louder speaker which features Google Assistant, like all other Google Home products.

Google Home Max Launches In December 2017 For $399

This device has a higher quality audio components, support for multi-room audio, and a new feature called Smart Sound that automatically tailors the audio based on the situation in which it’s being used.

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For example, audio is adjusted depending on the physical environment. Put the speaker in the corner of a room and it’ll shape the audio signals differently than if it’s in the middle of a kitchen counter.

It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker, a Cast device, or connect it to other hardware via aux cables.

Google in a statement made it clear that the Google Home Max is 20 times more powerful than the $129 Google Home speaker. It’s also more than 3x as expensive… but the price does include a 12-month subscription to Google’s YouTube Red service for music streaming (and ad-free videos).

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