Sunday, 24 September 2017

How To Save Viewed Instagram Videos On Your Android Phone

We all know about the method of saving viewed Whatsapp status, for active followers of this blog, you should remember my on How To Save Whatsapp Video And Picture Status On Android.

In this post is a quick and easy process on how you can save any video you have recently viewed on your Instagram app directly to you Android phone.

You may for example have liked or loved an Instagram video after viewing it on your Instagram page, but the pain of not seeing the video again or using data to view it might be painful, but here i will be solving that.

How To Save Viewed Instagram Videos On Your Android Phone

Just follow my the processes I would be explaining here.
  • Go to your file manager and locate your android phone memory. 
  • Goto the folder Android and then click on data.
  • Then locate the folder with the name then open it. 
    How To Save Viewed Instagram Videos On Your Android Phone
  • After opening locate the cache then click on the Video folder.
  • In the video folder you will see alot files with different extensions. 
  • Just locate the files with .temp then rename the file to .mp4 and the video would play.
    How To Save Viewed Instagram Videos On Your Android Phone
  • For example if the name there is 08th.tmp change it to 08th.mp4
  • Now copy and move the new file i.e 08th.mp4 to a new folder, for example your Videos folder. 
That's All, Did this work for you? let me know or of you encountered any issues.. 

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  1. I can't find anything on my cache it all it normal?

    1. Yes it is very possible to not find anything... few reasons are...
      1. the videos cache might be stored in ur memory card not phone memory folder
      2. you have cleared or all cache files have been cleared from ur phone.

      just make sure you have just recently viewed the video completely, immediately ur finish watching it, now goto ur file manager to save.

  2. yeah it's true I used to clear my cache.............nice work
    u re the best