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Friday 16 June 2017

How To Save Whatsapp Video And Picture Status On Android

I believe you must know that about the Whatsapp Status of a thing? like seriously you don't? For those who do you can save the full information and put it via the comment box and for you who is just hearing about it, wait for me.
How To Save Whatsapp Video And Picture Status On Android
Well you may argue that we are all here to learn so why would someone be asking if i know about the Whatsapp Status or not. Well no qualms i would explain what it is, but i just feel you should know already like everyone should.

The Whatsapp Status is nothing new, just update you Whatsapp from Google Playstore and yes you have the Whatsapp Status on your phone. Now whats this Whatsapp Status thing about?.

About The Whatsapp Status

I believe the reason why you might have wanted to know what this post entails is because you might have heard one way or the other what Whatsapp Status is, since the title of the post goes like ==>How To Save Whatsapp Video And Picture Status On Android<==

Well the Whatsapp Status is of various types, the Text, Picture and Video Status, though the Picture and Video Status are quite synonymous because they are done via same methods.


  • Launch your Whatsapp messenger and tap on the Settings option
  • Now tap on your name
  • Then, click on “About and phone number” section and set a text status — just as you used to do before.
  • Note:- You can set a text-based status, or choose from default status options such as Available, Busy, Urgent call only and many more.
But am simply not talking here about saving Whatsapp Text Status, lol, of course when you see the post Automatically you can save it on your head... Lol


The WhatsApp video and picture status feed is a new status feature like SnapChat, It allows you to share pictures or video in the status section. This update will expire after 24 hours, and is also said to be encrypted end-to-end. 

That's basically all about the video and picture status on whatsapps, but note that only people who have your contacts and you have their contacts too are the ones you can see their status except otherwise you change you status visibility settings. 

Now to the main topic of discussion. 


Before this method was discovered many would ask someone to send you a picture/video you viewed. Unless its a video more than 10s. Just follow the steps below:
  • Open your File Manager
  • Press "Options Key" 》Settings 》Tick - "view hidden files"
  • Go back to the File Manager and scroll to the Whatsapp folder.
  • Open the "Media" folder
  • The first folder you should see is ".statuses" (note:- if you fail to turn on hidden files, this would not show) so make sure step two (2) is carried out properly. 
  • The .statuses folder contains all your viewed statuses over the 24hr period. 
  • Take note that they automatically delete themselves after 24hr.
  • To save the viewed file for future, move/copy it/them to another folder of your choice.

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