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Wednesday 16 August 2017

AnonyTun Beta 5.0 English Version Now Available - Download Here

Really I didn't want to post this but after some feedbacks and necessary consultations, seems it okay anyways, many have been complaining of the non-English version of the AnonyTun Beta VPN, saying that they do not understand French and all. But finally we have the AnonyTun Beta English version.

Basically there's no difference between the AnonyTun Beta English or Non-English version, the only thing is one has a language you are more friendly with than the other.

AnonyTun Beta 5.0 English Version Now Available - Download Here

Features Of AnonyTun Beta 5.0 English Version

  • It is ads free
  • Very fast and download speed is great. 
  • It has a beautiful and friendly interface.
  • It doesn’t eat up your battery, ram or hangs your phone up. 
  • Its in English language
  • Hardly disconnects
  • Hides your real IP address, thereby shielding you with a virtual IP.
  • Popular connection protocol such as TCP, HTTP, SSL etc, which can be used to unblock restrictions by your internet service providers.

Where To Download AnonyTun Beta 5.0 English Version

You can download the latest version of AnonyTun Beta 5.0 English Version here and enjoy unlimited access.  

AnonyTun Beta Settings For Glo Free Browsing

Glo Free Browsing Cheat is still blazing hot like never before, see this link to see my settings that works perfectly on AnonyTun Beta and also how set up the app for Glo Free Browsing.