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Saturday 5 November 2016

MTN Airtel Cheapest Data Plans To Subscribe In 2016

Some of the best cheap data plans one might want to go for or subscribe to in 2016 is the data plans for MTN or Airtel network.

Sincerely, MTN, Airtel has one of the cheapest best data plans you should opt-in foe in 2016. Especially now that it seems as if free internet browsing tweaks are not available or generally have become very scarce resource, even the ones that are available these days eventually turn slow or poor.

Therefore because of this reasons and so on many questions have poped up on which network subscription is cheapest and best, so in this post i have come up with some write ups i will like to share.

Cheapest Data Plans 2016

Below is a list of the cheap data bundles you can go for, majorly the networks are foe MTN and Airtel, you may argue that Glo has the cheapest data subscription now, yes!, but i am talking of the best subscriptions here in terms of cost, speed, network, and accessibility; we all know Glo has the poorest network for browsing especially in terms of downloads, their downloads are very slow, except if Glo network is exceptionally very strong in your location, then you can subscribe to Glo cheap data bundles.

Airtel Cheap Data Plans

The cheapest Airtel data plan is the 6GB plan for N1,500, many may argue that Airtel is the network that gives you data and before you know it has finished, but actually things have changed lately as Airtel no more consume data like before. So you can subscribe to this Airtel 6GB for N1,500 without any worries on data consumption.

To Subscribe for the Airtel 6GB for N1,500 plan, check if you are eligible first by trying to subscribe without upto N1,500 on your line, dial *440*161# if you get a message that you have insufficient balance then you can recharge the required N1500 and then dial again the code *440*161#.

To check you data plan balance simply dial *141*7#

MTN Cheap Data Plans

MTN also has another cheap data bundle which you could subscribe to if you have an MTN line. Its a data plan that have existed for a while now, its MTN N500 for 2046MB mega bytes, thats N500 for 2GB.Ti subscribe for this plan simply dial *131*1*2# and then select MTN 750MB for weekly plan and you will be given 2GB instantly. To check your data balance, dial *131*4#

Hope this helps, Enjoy while the offers last....

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