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Sunday 6 November 2016

Jumia Black Friday November 2016 - Full Details

The Jumia Black Friday is here again and in the year 2016,Jumia promises something very big, lots of surprises which you should not miss out from.

From the 14th to 25th of November 2016,the Jumia black friday sales portal will be open and a lot is expected from Jumia this year, few months now, there have been massive reduction in the sales of products especially on mobile phones, gadgets amd laptops. Sincerely the cost of this items this year has really made most individuals paused and say lets wait till naira would rise against dollar, seemingly this looks like an illusion because it does not seem it might happen anytime soon.

Jumia Black Friday November 2016

In a conversation with a friend who is also a technology enthusiast, that have been longing for the Jumia Black Friday 2016 since the middle of the year 2016, he said he has been waiting to buy his much anticipated laptop because of the cost of things he has not bought the laptop, not until now and i know many of us tech lovers would also have been waiting for this.

So just to let you know its another time we should expect some massive discounts on some of our favorite products.

Brief History About The Black Friday

The black friday started sometimes ago in the United States, during the Christmas season when people go to shopping and get some great discounts. Many other countries over the years have copied this phenomenon, among retailers and sellers both online and offline markets.

During the black friday, a lot of products are always on sale at very discounted prices. Products ranging from fashion items, home appliances, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, kitchen utensils, play station games, baby toys and even more that one can think of.

Also, amazing discounts between 50%-90% off products have been seen on products purchased during the black friday.

Jumia Black Friday November 14th - 25th 2016

Reports from the last jumia Black Friday of 2015, wereby the Jumia Nigeria website crashed at the beginning of that day, when millions of Nigerias were trying to buy some products and the website was not going, i think they learnt from that because last year's Jumia Black Friday was for a day, on a Friday, but this one is for 12 days, which means we are going to be having 12 days of huge discounts on our favorite products. This means that the 2016 jumia black friday will be bigger and better than the 2015 jumia black friday.

From November 14th - 25th 2016,we should except more than 100k deals, with awesome discounts.

But one has to be very observant because there are specific products that should be discounted, but Jumia is yet to specify such products. Hopefully the discounts should be at least 50% and with this one should be able to acquire a good smartphone or laptop at cheaper rates.

Sponsors of the 2016 jumia black friday includes MTN, Mansard, Binatone, Infinix, Intel, Innjoo, HP, Plustar, Etihad Airways. So lets get prepared to upgrade for less during Jumia Black Friday!

Jumia Black Friday November 2016 Calendar

Below is the breakdown of how the jumia 2016 black friday deals should go down

  • November 14th, Massive Discounts on all Home Appliances... 25% off.  PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW! 
  • November 15th, Upgrade Your Kitchen - Get Up to 45% off On Kitchen and Food Items Sold. PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW! 
  • November 16th, Father and Son, Get Up to 50% off on Men, guys, boys clothing, shoes and accessories. PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW! 
  • November 17th, Mother and daughter - Get Up to 50% off. 
  • November 18th, Explore New Horizons - Get Up to 30% off on Digital Cameras and Gadgets
  • November 19th, Toolers Threat, Get Upto 55% off on Baby Products, Toolers, #best market for retailers here!
  • November 20th, Enhance Your Phone, Get Some good discounts on phone accessories and lots more. 
  • November 21th, Entertain Yourself, Get Upto 30% off on Television, Sound System materials. 
  • November 22th, Upgrade Your Phone, Get Up to 20% off On Phones. 
  • November 23th, Lap it Up - Get Up to 20% off. 
  • November 24th, Treat Yourself - Get Upto 30% discounts on cosmetics and fashion products. 
  • November 25th, The Final Friday. #Anticipate

Jumia Black Friday 2016

Jumia Black Friday 2016

To not miss out from any of the 2016 Jumia Black Friday Deals, stay up-to-date with from November 14th or you can also register your email and get a reminder on the D-day from Jumia, by visiting the Jumia specially created page for Jumia Black Friday 2016 here -👉

Also for immediate notifications on the best deals available. Download the Jumia app via your Android, Apple.. below!

Download here 👉
To not miss out of this exciting shopping event and deals. Make sure you follow up as we would be bringing you the best of deals here, also make sure you click on the links of the deals above to follow up their event by Signing up to their newsletter with your email address.

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