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Saturday 22 October 2016

Tecno Phantom 6 Review - Key Features You Must Know About

Tecno Mobile has been one of the greatest mobile phone, suppliers if i may use that to describe the.. Arguably tecno has dominated the mobile phone market in the last half a decade and ever since, it has been from one supwr phone to another more super phone. Sincerely there will be no end to mobile phone advancement, with the demand of improved qualities and expectations from mobile phone users, i think we should be seeing more and more newer advancement to mobile phones, like the Tecno Phantom Series.

tecno Phantom 6 Review

When i mean advancement, nothing much of specific new thing we should expect to see in the phones other than what we mostly know, but the features of these phones will be made advanced.

Taking a closer look at the Tecno Phantom 6 smartphone, i don't see much a big change, if you understand what am saying, that comparing the Tecno Phantom 6 to other Tecno Phantom phones like Tecno Phantom 5 and below, majorly what tecno mobile has done to the changes of the Tecno Phantom Series is an advancement in their features when ever a new Phantom phone is released.

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This advancement in the features of the Tecno Phantom Series has not left the Tecno Phantom 6 behind, as it has been added some very cool features you need to know about and this should give you a reason you should buy the Tecno Phantom 6 Smartphone.

One of the newest functions added to the tecno phantom 6 is an Advanced Biometric Technology, of course this biometric stuff should be expected, since Apple iOS start it and then Samsung Mobile introduced it in tje S6 and S7, even the new Infinix Hot S is now made with a biometric function, pretty cool right, all these facts may seem that in years to come almost all Android smartphones will have a biometric technology one way or the other.

The Advanced Biometric Technology for the tecno phantom 6 provides you ultimate security; comparing this biometric function to the ones on other smartphones, i would say tecno mobile has really done a lot to make this biometric technology for the tecno phantom 6 more secured. The tecno phantom 6 is embedded with a eye scanner, version 2.0, thia allows you to be able to unlock the tecno phantom 6 phone 300ms faster than the previous type/version of tecno phantom series ( one advancement point here).

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The screen of the tecno phantom 6 has also been advanced, the screen now displays a vivid world in your hand, it turns into a flash that detects ambient lights and adds lights when necessary, which enables the quick unlocking in areas of low light. ( another advancement point here)

The two points highlighted above a basically the most important changes you need to know, a reason you might want to buy the tecno phantom 6 smartphone.

Some other very important features and specifications of the tecno phantom 6 that must not be left out are highlighted below:

Tecno Phantom 6 OS

The Operating System of tecno phantom 6 operates on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version as compared to other tecno phantom series which may operate on Lollipop.

Tecno Phantom 6  Network

The network of this smartphone are described below;


GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
WCDMA:LTE: Band 3/7/20
4G: Yes

CPU Frequency: 2.0 GHz Octa-Core

Color: Gold, Grey

Tecno Phantom 6 Memory:

microSD: Expandable Micro SD, up to 128 GB

Tecno Phantom 6 Display

Dimension: 151.5*75.5*6.15mm
Size: 5.5" AMOLED Touchscreen
Resolution: 1920*1080

Tecno Phantom 6 Camera

Front Camera: 8.0 MP Front Camera with Wide-Angle Lens
Rear Camera: 13.0 MP AF & 5.0 MP Dual Back Camera
Flash Light: Yes

Other Unique features of Tecno Phantom 6


G-sensor: Yes
Light sensor: Yes
Proximity sensor: Yes

FM radio: Yes


Sim card slot Dual Micro SIM
Bluetooth Yes
USB port Type-C 2.0
Earphone 3.5mm

Battery Capacity: 2700mAh

And lastly,

The Price Of Tecno Phantom 6 :

The price of the tecno phantom 6 is N90, 550


  1. Its evey phone you fell like buying right.. Well trying to get ranking is good!

  2. I need secondary phone with android and no problems with app like Viber, mobile banking and so on. My friend offered me Tecno Phantom 5. I'm working in Nigeria and want buy phone there , i'm bad in mobile phones. Can you advice me this model with your opinion, shortly. Or i should look for another phone? Is it worth buy used android phone?

    1. if you want to get any device, i would rather advice u buy from Jumia Nigeria or local phone outlets,,, not Jiji,, because they sell used phones and guarantees are not u know...

      Tecno Phantom 5 is good, but if u could get Phantom 6 Plus is very owkay.