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Saturday 22 October 2016

Infinix Hot S Review - A Smartphone You Must Get!

The producers of infinix phones, i must say have really tried a lot in the Nigerian market today after their first breakthrough of the Infinix Zero, today Infinix Mobile, Infinixmobility have come up with so many smartphones that have blossom in the Nigerian market. Infinix Hot S is one of the finest and newest of all on the Infinix Hot phones series; because of this i will be given a review on the infinix hot s smartphone.

As i already hinted in the last paragraph, this post is on infinix hos s review. This review will contain a thorough breakdown on why you must get a smartphone like the infinix hot s. In the smartphone/android market of today, there are a lot a phone buyer will look out for before getting a phone. These things you look out for, you must agree with me a things that will make you get or buyer the smartphone.

Infinix hot s review

I will try as must as possible to highlight somethings i know you will need to know about the infinix hot s before you get it, in highlighting this stuffs on the infinix hot s, i will be given some comparisons and cost analysis too plus key features of the infinix hot s smartphone.

There are four basic things which you must know about the infinix hot s smartphone, these four things are very important in determining a phones quality and they are very essential when you want to see reasons to get a smartphone. I chose these four reasons because i have seen that these are the main differences between the infinix hot s and other smartphones, in terms of it having an edge over others.

These four basic things are:

  • Infinix Hot S Camera
  • Infinix Hot S Screen
  • Infinix Hot S Memory
  • Infinix Hot S Battery

Taking these things one after the other and giving the essentials on them;

Infinix Hot S Camera

Sincerely i will go for some smartphones because of their camera quality. One of the things most smartphone users look out for today in any smartphone is its camera quality. As we all know infinix mobile phones overtime has haf one of the best camera qualities since 2014 when it first launched its maiden infinix zero. Selfies, photos and videos taking by the infinix hot s will make you smile, because every pixel of both the front and rear cameras were designed to create wonderful memories, making you to love the photo or video everytime you look at them.

Infinix hot s camera review

The Infinix Hot S is made up of a 8MP - mega pixel front camera and a 13MP rear camera. The 13MP and 8MP cameras provides more light and better clarity even in low light conditions.

Infinix Hot S Screen

Another reason you will go for the infinix hot s smartphone is its screen size. One thing you will love is its display. With the display of the infinix hot s smartphone, you tend to miss nothing. It has a 5.2" inches screen in high definition (HD) which brings every detail to life.

Infinix hot s screen battery life review

Be sure to enjoy this smartphone when watching movies, viewing pictures and even when doing more, with a vividly clear display from infinix hot s, it provides that rich visual experience.

Infinix Hot S Memory

The memory capacity of a smartphone is never left out of course as smartphone users of today will love to brag about their phones memory capacity. Well the infinix hot s is not left behind in this aspect.
This smartphone is made up of a 2GB RAM and a 16GB ROM, making it easy to open more applications at a go with a ram as huge as 2GB and also you can store more files on your smartphone without having to worry about shortage of memory, with a ROM of 16GB. The memory can be expanded to 128GB too.

Infinix Hot S Battery

Lastly in my review on the reasons why you must buy the infinix hot s smartphone is the battery life. Of course a poor battery life is more life a dead phone, battery is also very important, recent reviews have shown that many users go foe smartphones because of its battery life. Well the battery life of the infinix hot s smartphone is 3000mAh, with such battery capacity expect your phone to last for even more than 12 hours usage time.

Infinix hot s review

Some Other Key Features Of The Infinix Hot S Are:

  • Processor: Octa-Core, Core i8
  • Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • SIM Type: Dual Sim, SIM 1 and SIM 2
  • Colour: Grey, Gold, Black, Pink, Blue
  • Network: 2G/3G/WCDMA/HSPDA/4G/LTE
  • It's made up of a special finger print feature which is the first for the infinix hot series. 

Infinix Hot S Price:

The price of the infinix hot s smartphone is N45, 500

So, that's all on my review for the infinix hot s smartphone, hope you now see a reason of getting this smartphone? Do have any additions or opinions, drop a comment.

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