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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Glo Data Plan: 1GB For N100 - How To Subscribe

glo 1gb for n100

This is a new tweak that works on the glo network, courtesy and all credits on this tweak to a webmaster. With this new tweak you can get 1GB of data to browse all for N100. Pretty Cool!

Most Internet users have been enjoying and blazing with this new tweak, its more like free data, but its not completely free, though it worths N100, but its very cool, this plan is valid for 15days. Yeah Very nice!

How i came about this tweak, as i said its courtesy a webmaster friend, i got this from who have been enjoying free 1GB for N100 for some time  now.

He got a message from Glo, though i beloved many Glo users would have been sent such a message. The message stated "Get it easily, 1GB for N100 valid for 15 days! Write 1 and reply, enter online world with this tremendous data bundle. Glo Unlimited!" - that was the message he received.

Though i have had some testimonials on this new tweak even before making this post that some were given 500MB, 100MB,which must mean that you can be given between 100MB - 1GB for N100 in this tweak. You might just be very lucky though to get 1GB data for N100.

How To Subscribe To The 1GB For N100 Glo Data Plan

Remember that this plan is valid for only 15days, to subscribe for this plan, simply follow the steps i will be highlighting below.

1. Migrate to the Glo Infinito Tariff first, that's if you are not migrated, dial *100*9*2# to migrate to the Glo Infinito Tariff.

2. Now, Recharge a N100 on you Glo line.

3. Send a text message 1 to 8070

Thats All, you should get a message after a while stating "Dear Customer, your 1 GB data bundle has been successfully activated or any amount of data given to you".

You can check your data balance by dialing #122*22# 

PLEASE NOTE: That this plan is valid for between 7-15 days, well depending on what is stated on the message and that its not a Glo normal plan, its like a bonus data given to users. Just in any case if your browser doesn't connect, send a message PAYU to 127. Then it should connect.

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    1. you can change ur tariff plan to see if it works, else it ain't working anymore.