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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Airtel New Free Unlimited Browsing Using The WTF Plan

Really, it seems the airtel network has been made a whole when it comes to free browsing lately. Recently i added a post on Airtel Free 4GB Data Plus N1000 Free Airtime At N1000, also not forgetting the even blazing airtel bis 3GB tweak which most internet users on the airtel network have been using for a while now, just in case you don't know.

Now there is a new tweak on the airtel network which is blazing good especially where you have a very good and stable airtel network. This new free browsing tweak on the airtel network is done using the Airtel WTF plan.

Airtel New Free Unlimited Browsing WTF

Well, just to let you know, in which this should not be new at all to most Airtel active Internet users, concerning what the WTF means, the first time i came across this about two-three years now, i thought its the normally slang on chat, asin What Tha Fuck.. lol, a foul word kinda, but its not it means WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, its was a very good data subscription then, because i really subscribed to it then. Its still on, and working well. But stopped using it because it was data capped and also since better alternatives came up later on.

The Airtel WTF compromises on a weekly and monthly plan, the weekly one is 30mb for N100 and the monthly is 80mb for N200. The plan, can only work on operamini application, that's to browse other social media websites except for Whatsapp which can be used using its own application.

With this Airtel New Free Unlimited Browsing Using The WTF Plan, you can now surf any website and download unlimited using the OperaMini application. It works on only OperaMini. But first you must be subscribed to the WTF plan.

How To Subscribe To The Airtel WTF Plan

As i had earlier hinted, this plan is both a weekly and monthly plan.

  • Weekly Plan - N100, dial *991# to subscribe.
  • Monthly Plan - N200, dial *990# to subscribe.
Well to let you know though, you can always check your data balance by dialing *990*0#.

Note: This WTF data works only on the OperaMini application and also that your settings should have apn - access point name,

#Enjoy while it lasts!

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