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Wednesday 4 May 2016

Full Method To Activate The Airtel 3GB Plan For N1000

These days, Airtel users have  rendered the 3GB bis plan of N1,000, why because i think most people who subscribed to it were not able to use the data on their smartphones or computers. Mainly, the plan was limited just only to blackberry users. But now, with the method i shall be describing on this post, you should be able to subscribe for this 3gb bis paln and use it on your android or personal computer.

Now its high time to stop subscribing N1,500 for 3gb which would not even last for long at all, infact, this will help to save you a little cash of N500.Well this plan is works best on Android devices, also works for PC and other devices with the aid of tethering (Putting on of Hotspot).

The only thing about this subscription type is that it will require sime IMEI tweaking, that's changing your phone IMEI identity, before it can start working on your Android device, then you can now put on the Hotspot to use it on your personal computer.

The list below are the requirements you need for this plan.

1. A blackberry 10 IMEI Number,
2. IMEI Tweaking software or app.
3. N1000, to subscribe for the plan.

In case you are wondering, how do i get the IMEI Number for a Blackberry 10? Below is an IMEI number for a blackberry 10 you can use:


Then add any random 3-digit number to it.

Follow this link:

Type in the Above IMEI Number there, that is: 356760051192

Add the 3-digit number as i highlighted above; to make the number complete to 15-digit for example, if i add "786" - to the above imei number, i will have something like this 356760051192786

Then Hit "Validate the IMEI".

If the random digit you input there is correct, it should display that the IMEI number is valid. But if the random digit it is incorrect, it will display that the IMEI number is not valid!

How To Activate The Airtel BIS Plan

To Activate the Airtel Bis Plan of 1k,
1. First dial *431# to activate 3GB for N1,000
2. Check your bundle balance, by dialing *140#
3. Set your internet connection to the normal Airtel APN:

To use this on your computer, Simply activate the plan on your Android device, then you can enjoy it on your PC via tethering (putting on an Hotspot).

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