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Thursday 5 May 2016

Etisalat Free Browsing With N0.00k And On Social Pack Plans

After a long while though, its no news that Etisalat is back and rocking speedily with a new free browsing tweak. 

This new free browsing tweak is well 100% free because it works with N0.00k meaning that even if you have no credit or data on your phone, you can still surf the Internet. 

This new tweak is not different from the previous ones, like the other VPN tweaks especially for psiphon, zyphon, and others.

For those on chat pack and Social pack, this tweak works perfectly too. And even much more faster in terms of download and browsing speed; this means that for you who does not have a social pack plan and is fed up with the free, no credit or data speed shoulder subscribe, to enjoy it better. 

How To Configure This Etisalat Free Browsing Tweak

To configure this tweak is pretty simple, i advice you follow the steps i will be outline below, these steps are pretty simple. 

1. You need one of  the tweaking applications, i mean psiphon app, or any of the versions will work, if you do not have the application, you can does it by searching for the app on Google or Playstore. 

2.  After Download or Installing it, Open the application, Minimise It and goto your access point settings. 

3. Create a new access point, name the access point anything. Only make changes to the APN spot, put: "etisalat" - This means that you will leave other spots blank or as they were originally. Save the new access point and then activate it.  

4. Open back the psiphon application. See the Image below.

*Choose, Proxy type: Real host*
*Custom Header: X-Online-Host*
*Proxy Server:*
*Proxy Type: inject*
*Real Proxy Server:*
*Real Proxy Port: 8080*

5. Follow the next image below


*Select Region: Best Performance*
*Tick : tunnel whole device*

6. Last Image Information:


From the image above, @ Proxy Settings, leave everything blank and untick : Connect through an HTTP Proxy. 

That's all, Its works perfectly well on all browsers, and very fast especially for those connected with any social pack bundle. #Have Fun! 

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