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Friday 27 July 2018

Airtel N200 For 1GB (Low Budget Plan): How To Subscribe

The way data is being consumed these days is so bad that you cannot understand when you just did a subscription and next you get a message that 90% of your data has been used up or similar message.

This is very pathetic and many data users are like... seems this people are zapping data anyhow. Well a statement i may want to support the data providers on. This because the rate at which data is used this days is different from before, you find out that almost all you applications (on checking data usage) is taking some bytes or more. This tells you that apps are being made lately to use more data, most in displaying ads.

Even the so called whatsapp everyone will want to agree with me few years back was a low data consuming application, sincerely is now the one taking all the data lately. Features added like the status of a thing is definitely a cause.

How To Subscribe to Airtel N200 for 1GB Data Plan

Another to the usage of apps is the network speed. Do you know that limiting network usage, will disturb the performance of data consumed. I mean if your phone is more on 2G which means network is a bit slower, the consumption rate of data compared to the faster 3G will be lesser.

In this post i have decided to share with you how you can subscribe for the Airtel N200 for 1gb data. Some already know about this though.

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The plan only works on EDGE (2G) network and not 3G or 4G. It works for people who use the 2G network on their phone. This means that you need to switch to 2G to use the data plan on your device.

How To Subscribe - Airtel N200 For 1GB Data Plan

1. Recharge N200 on your line.
2. Go to your phone dialer.
3. Dial *482#
4. From the pop-up, select option 1 for 200 Naira plan or alternatively 2 for 500 Naira plan (which gives you 10GB).

Note that option 1 lasts for 10 days, while 2 lasts for 25 days.

Dial *140# to check your data balance

The data speed may not be as fast as 3G plans, but sirr will save you money and can be used for chat apps (most preferably)

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