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Tuesday 19 December 2017

How To Power All Apps Using Glo Free Youtube Data (Cheat)

Remember few weeks back i added a post on Glo new tariff offers which included the Glo free youtube plan, where you get to watch free youtube videos at no cost.

The Glo free Youtube package is a new offer that lets you stream Youtube videos from 1AM - 5:30AM everyday till the current active data plan expires.

All you need to do is to renew your data plan from N500 and above to be eligible for this offer, Glo sends you a text message to confirm you on it.

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And in this post i will be showing you how you can use that free Youtube data to browse all apps on your phone, which means you only dont watch youtube videos at night but as well browse and download any other stuffs.

How To Watch Free Youtube On Glo And Power Other Apps Simultaneously

Just follow all i will mention below and this will work perfectly for you, also we will be using HTTP Injector app to do this, a link to download will be shown below, if you have it do not bother downloading.


To Power All Apps With the Glo Free YouTube Data Bonus
  • First Open the HTTP Injector app
  • Click on file at the top of the app and import the file from your device

How To Power All Apps Using Glo Free Youtube Data (Cheat)

That's all. Click connect and start downloading with super speed!

Note: The Glo free YouTube data bonus starts working at 1am until 5:30am. You need to subtract that 30 minutes from the time rate, making it 1am to 5am because this is the time it will be stopped working now both YouTube and the ehi file. Once it is 5am your normal megabytes will start to be deducted and this also applies when you are watching YouTube without VPN.

Also: Whether with the VPN or without VPN, the Glo Free YouTube Data Bonus works between 1am – 5:30am each night.

In any case you get the "cannot authentic", incorrect username or password message, all you need do is to update the servers at the left-hand side of the App.

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  1. Pls admin are you going to reward top commentators with free airtime for december?