Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How To Get Free Credit (Unlimited) On MTN Network

In this post is a quick process on how you can get free Airtime credit on MTN network. This free airtime works using the MTN music plus app, which means you must be on MTN pulse tariff plan, dial *406# to migrate. Check out the full process on how to get this free Unlimited airtime below.

How To Get Free Airtime Credit (Unlimited) On MTN Network

How To Get Free Credit On Your MTN SIM

  • First of all, you need to have the MTN MusicPlus app on your phone, for android users download from PlayStore or CLICK HERE
  • Make sure that you don’t have Airtime on the SIM you are using for this. 
  • Then Launch MTN MusicPlus app after successfully installing it and input your MTN number so you can sign in. Now click on Get Code and Six digits code will be send to you then Log in.
  • Now Toggle on the three line (Menu) on the top left side of the App. see image below
    How To Get Free Credit On Your MTN SIM
  • Click on Music Plan then Subscribe to the 30Days Plan .
  • Now go to your SIM and Send STOP to 5900 via SMS
  • Do the process again repeatedly to accumulate your bonus points till you enter MTN blackbook.
Each Activation goes for 1000 Points
Now you have enough points in your MTN pulse account. So its time to convert the points to Airtime credit. 

How To Convert Your MTN MusicPlus Points To Airtime Credit

  • Open the MTN MusicPlus App Again. 
  • Then Toggle on the three line (Menu button) on the top left side of the MTN MusicPlus App.
  • Click on your Profile/Number on the top bar
  • Click on Bonus Points
  • Now click on N100 Airtime for 5000 Point exchange,as shown below
    How To Convert Your MTN MusicPlus Points To Airtime Credit
  • Repeat the steps again to use your Bonus Points for Airtime exchange. 

Incase you are blacklisted, just chill till next 24hrs to be whitelisted back.

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