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Thursday 7 September 2017

How To Add A Comment On All SAFAXNET BLOG Posts

Are you having issues or finding it difficult to add a comment on ours posts/topics here on SAFAXNET? Does your browser refreshes whenever you want to drop a Comment?

How To Post A Comment On SAFAXNET BLOG

Well, you can do that easily post a comment now by following up this simple step-by-step tutorial. It is very easy and fast to comment on, even if you are using UC browser, Firefox, Web explorer, Chrome and other browsers, Mobile or PC.

How To Post A Comment On SAFAXNET BLOG

There are several ways you can add a comment here on SAFAXNET BLOG and they are shown below with th required procedures in doing so;

There are three steps to follow when posting a comment and these steps are shown below;

STEP 1. Before you type your comment, first choose any of the ways you want to post the comment first, ways include Commenting As Using Google, LiveJournal, Anonymous, Name/URL and so on, as shown below. (Make sure you choose a method to post a comment before going to step 2)

Commenting Using Google

Commenting Using Google: You can comment on safaxnet using your Gmail account. You will have to create a Gmail account and then type your comment and tap SUBMIT. Very fast and easy.

Commenting Using Livejournal

Commenting Using LiveJournal: It is also easy and simple. Just register an account on Livejournal and come to safaxnet then enter your comment and SUBMIT.

Commenting Using WordPress

Commenting Using WordPress: It is very easy and simple. Just go to WordPress and create an account then enter your username url then type your comment and SUBMIT.

Commenting Using Typepad

Commenting Using TypePad: It is also fast and simple. Kindly create an account on typepad and come to safaxnet; type your comment and enter your Typepad profile username and SUBMIT.

Commenting Using AIM

Commenting Using AIM: You can comment using account by typing your AIM username to SUBMIT your comment.

Commenting Using OpenID

Commenting Using OpenID: Get your account on OpenID and then come back to safaxnet; enter your OpenID username and your comment then SUBMIT.

Commenting Using ANONYMOUS

Commenting Using NAME/URL: You can comment easily by typing your username and then type in the URL you want your profile to go when is clicked. You can then enter your comment and SUBMIT. This is one fast way to comment on safaxnet.

Commenting Using NAME/URL

Commenting Using ANONYMOUS: It is very fast but you will have to verify the captcha after submitting your comment. It doesn't take time.


STEP 2. After you have successfully chosen and selected a way to comment as, Now click on the Enter Your Comment box, clear the text there and Type in your comment.

STEP 3. After you have typed in the comment, Click on Publish, That's all

Note: That when commenting, you can tick or click on "NOTIFY ME" to get updated anytime there's a new comment on that post.

So with the procedures i have highlighted above, you can see it is very easy, simple and fast to post a comment on SAFAXNET BLOG. So what are you waiting for?

Start commenting now to show that it works for you.


  1. Yea,,, thanks for dropping

  2. Oga safatex I followed ur 9mobile cheat is connecting but I can't browse or download with it using office vpn ultra. What do I do

    1. which of the apps is connecting? is it Facebook or whatsapp? if yes then u hv to manage it, because its not powering all apps/download with it for most people,,,,, but connects to social media apps.