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Friday 29 September 2017

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rooting An Android Phone

Have you ever wondered how beneficial rooting an android phone is? Well some may say yes, i believe your answer too is affirmative.

Pros  And Cons Of Rooting An Android Phone

Now let me chip this in that: Everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Rooting an Android phone of course comes with many advantages, alongside i will tell you the larger the advantage the larger the disadvantage. What does this mean? Hehehe are you kidding me, just in case don't know which of course am here to brief you about is the same way you will love your phone when you root it and admire that phone perhaps because of the functionality and features you get access to when you root your android phone is 100% from my research the opposite you get which is the disadvantage. Hope am not confusing someone here. Lol, hope you are not afraid of what may have happened to your android phone? I will say if you have rooted your android phone or about to root its a choice and what matters most times is knowing about something, its good when you know exactly the disadvantages of something, like what to expect and still go into doing it, you know thats risk by its own natural definition.

So what point am i driving at, well seeing this post is to show you the pros and cons of rooting an android phone, which are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting.

Before i go into this advantages and disadvantages, i would first like to define what rooting is. Now, this is my own definition of rooting.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process that allows you to attain root access to the Android operating system code (the equivalent term for Apple devices id jailbreaking). It gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn't normally allow you to.

Defined in it simplest terms, hope my definition is explicitly enough. Now straight to the advantages and disadvantages of rooting an android phone.

Advantages Of Rooting An Android Phone

Though some may want to argue with me, you know, well knowledge and thoughts varies, but my advantages of rooting an android phone which I have highlighted below for sure covers all. check them out. Remember though advantages are very similar to the benefits of rooting an android phone also.

  1. Full Control Over Android: Having total or full control of your android phone is the one thing infact number one benefit or advantage of rooting an android phone, which means you are able to decide some certain things on Android, you know take control over removal and deleting some system applications or files that may have consumed spaces, infact its more like you being the real boss of your phone and sending the messenger which is your android phone tasks to perform. Its general control over your android device.  
  2. Back Up And Restore The Whole System: Most unrooted phones may not be able to be backed up, like you running into recovery mode or using some gadgets to backup your device, when your android phone is rooted, you can do this, also restore your device, when rooted some files or applications might have been lost or missing, through rooting, you can get this back. 
  3. Save Space On Your Phone: Have you heard about RAM EXPANDER? this is an android application that works on rooted devices, it manages your RAM space by adding more memory to the cache/RAM of your android phone, with this you can have more RAM allocated to your initial RAM that comes with your phone, which helps you to save more space if you agree with me. Also it helps to save ROM space, normal ROM of your phone is the phone memory right? additional ROM is the memory card or SD CARD memory as some may call it. Now there are some phones i think Tecno P9, its a tablet, on this phone it gets to a point when you can no longer install apps on your phone memory, normal system ROM, and you still have memory space on your SD Card, by rooting your android phone you can move apps installed on your phone memory to your SD card, by free up your phone memory space and having more space to add more files using an app Link To SD; but all this is only possible if your phone is rooted. 
  4. Run Special Applications: An an android user, lately you should have heard or seen apps that won't work unless your phone is rooted. They call most of them special apps, like the RAM EXPANDER and LINK TO SD apps i have mentioned above, similar apps are the same, meaning they can't work and you cannot perform such special functions unless your phone is rooted. 
  5. Install Custom ROMs: What are custom roms? these are more like software, operating system, OS, of Android phones, sometimes when you cannot update your phone from a particular android version to another, you may need to get a custom rom, and this installation cannot be done except your phone is rooted. 

Disadvantages Of Rooting An Android Phone

  1. The opposite of the benefits: Well you may go into deeper thoughts on this like oppposite? really... Well its not a disadvantage like that but i just want to chip it in because something when your phone is not rooted, you don't get those benefits, but its not a disadvantage. 
  2. Cannot update via OTA (Losses Warranty from Manufacturer): OTA is known as Over The Air, which is the normal way of doing system/software update. 
  3. Easily prone to Malware or Viruses from Untrusted Apps. (Not protected).
  4. Phone may crash at anytime in the future.

Let me know what you think of this in the comment box. 

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