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Sunday, 8 October 2017

How To Increase Download Speed On Android With ADM Pro

You can now make your download even 10x faster, with more speed and download rate on your android device, using an application known as ADM Pro;

How To Increase Download Speed On Android With ADM

ADM is known as (Advance Download Manager), it just works exactly like how IDM (Internet Download Manager) is for PC.  with ADM, expect your downloads to be 10x faster. I recommend it as one of the best download manger on android. You can resume your pause files and also restart them. It helps you detect downloading files from your browser.

Let take a look at some quick features of this ADM App:
  • Can download up to three files simultaneously. 
  • It is accelerated to download by using multithreading (9 parts). 
  • Interception of links from the browser and clipboard. 
  • Icon of the program and downloading progress in the notification panel. 
  • Has a backup list of downloads and settings on your SD card. 
  • A notification by sound and vibration when its completes a download task. 
  • Can resume after reconnection or program restart. 
  • It saves different file types in different folders. 
  • Has a built-in browser for sites with registration. 
  • It plans files download on a schedule;
  • Very cool is it has NO ADS. 
Just as IDM has helped a lot of PC users in many ways. IDM is powerful software that allows you download any flash video from any website E.g. YouTube and lot more It’s also increase your download speed 10x faster than your normal download speed. If you have a pc and you are not using IDM, then you are long way far from home. And if your IDM key have expired, just request for a universal key and it will be forwarded to you.

What's cool is that with ADM, you can download anything downloadable on showbox, and any other TV box you are using.

Download ADM Pro V5.1.1 here -

Have you used or tested this app? did it work for you? Let me know.


  1. Hey bro u uploaded virus

    1. Thanks for you comment..

      Virus... lol, no it's not a virus, as i currently use it on my device also, perhaps you should download using another browser, maybe it is your browser that's the issue. and also remember the app is in rar format, not in apk, so you need to download rar or zip file extractor to extract the actual apk file you will need to install. thanks.

  2. ADM is amazingly fast.
    I love the app, thanks Master Soji.
    Nice work.

    1. Hi ebilueye, thanks for dropping... ur welcome,,, expect to see more of ur comments here.

  3. Thanks a lot. I needed this an app like this

  4. Thanks for the informative update