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Friday 28 July 2017

Glo Cheat On Tweakware VPN Using New Import Tweak

Glo cheat has proven to be the best and longest serving free browsing cheat in 2016/2017, sincerely, i have been using this cheat to browse since last year and even more than a year gan, it has paid off, though i haven't used much data, approximately between 10 - 20 Gig is what i have used so far, this was basically because i just got my own Glo 4G LTE Sim in May 2017, but i know guys or perhaps have seen people's data usage and its estimated to over 100 Gig in the last one year for some... Very cool right!

This cheat works perfectly not just on Tweakware VPN, but as well as other popular VPN apps such as AnonyTun VPN, Stark VPN, QUEENCEE, Psiphon, X - Liner and so on, tells you how far the cheat has gone. Just incase you might be interested in the Glo free browsing cheat settings for other VPN apps apart from Tweakware which i would be explaining here, kindly drop a comment with the name of the app VPN you want cheat for on Glo and be sure to get replied ASAP.

Glo Cheat On Tweakware VPN Using New Import Tweak

Tweakware VPN is the most stable VPN for Glo free browsing cheat, the downside is that it has paid servers included, and the free servers which everyone is allowed access to just has 350mb daily data limits, even though the Glo cheat is unlimited. The best thing to do so you can enjoy using Tweakware VPN is to subscribe to their paid servers, which costs N500 per month, to do that kindly visit the official tweakware vpn site here for more information.

Why I have decided to share the Glo import tweak for Tweakware VPN is because many people have complained that their Glo cheat is always disconnecting on their phone using Tweakware VPN, but with this modified method, there are no disconnections at all and it connects very fast, its stable and reliable, but make sure Glo network is very strong in your area to enjoy it.

How To Setup Glo Cheat On Tweakware VPN Using Import Tweak

Download Tweakware VPN 6.4 here, this Import tweak only works on version 6.4 only.

Download this - Glo Import Tweak( also - that is the import tweak, i will be showing you how to configure it below.

Use the Glo APN settings below:
  • APN: gloflat
  • username: flat
  • password: flat

All other APN settings should be left blank/empty.
  • Now open your Tweakware version 6.4
  • Click on Settings on the top right hand side of the app
  • Select Import Tweak 
  • Now it will take you to your file manager, select where you download the import tweak to, the name is Glo Import Tweak(, select it
  • Now go back to the main page, in the select tweaks section choose Import Tweak 

Thats All, Click on Connect and Enjoy.

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