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Friday 28 July 2017

Differences Between Tecno W3 And Tecno WX3

Tecno mobile released the Tecno WX3 and WX3 LTE in 2017, though we had known that W3 and W3 LTE had existed before now. Well you may ask yourself, what is actually the need for creating the new WX3, are there really any differences between it and the previous W3 device? Well you might want to ponder on that for a while right!

Differences Between Tecno W3 And Tecno WX3

Well i neither work for tecno mobile nor an ambassador but am only a tech expert and would be giving you my own view on this, though after some comparisons and all, which is what this post is all about.

The first answer to your question is YES, of course there is a difference between Tecno W3 and Tecno WX3, well if there were not going to be difference, why would tecno produce? Lol.

Lets take a look at the differences below, though my differences will be based on some quick specifications and features like battery capacity, camera, screen size, memory capacity, android operating system and price.

Not to explain much lets see below.

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But remember, Tecno W3 and W3 LTE are the same, only a difference in the 4G LTE network added to Tecno W3 LTE, similarly for Tecno WX3 and Tecno WX3 LTE.

Battery Life Differences:

Tecno W3 comes with a battery life of 2500mAh while Tecno WX3 has a battery capacity of 2500mAh, exactly the same battery capacity for both Tecno W3 and Tecno WX3 which means there's no difference in their battery life and well for me its okay.

Camera Differences:

On a norm most people love good phones with very effective or in our words sharp camera, lol, sincerely phones like Tecno W3 or WX3 don't really have that much in camera to give but at least manageable. Tecno W3 has a front camera of 2MP and back/rear camera of 5MP while the Tecno WX3 has a front camera of 5MP and back/rear camera of 5MP also. The difference is clearly seen in camera quality, Tecno WX3 is seen to have a better front camera than Tecno W3, a difference of 3MP which is though not huge but better than the 2MP of Tecno W3.

Sreen Size Differences:

Well we shouldn't expect a 6 Inch phone of course, lol, but the Tecno W3 has a screen size of 5 inches exactly the same as Tecno WX3, which clearly means there's no differences in the screen size of both smartphones.

Memory Capacity Differences:

Another important feature many look out for in a phone today is its memory size, here it is categorized into two, RAM and ROM. Tecno W3 has a 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, which is also similar to the memory capacity in Tecno WX3, and clearly shows no differences.

Android Operating System Differences:

For their OS, this on a norm shouldn't be argued, since Tecno WX3 was released in mid July 2017, of course it comes with the Android 7.0 Nougat Operating System while Tecno W3 still runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

Price Differences:

Lastly, is a huge figure that plays out in all things, money. Yes from the specifications i have listed above, you shouldn't expect such a phone to be priced maximum N30,000 (this is in Nigeria naira, local conversions can be done to your countries currency). Tecno W3 Price - N24,000, Tecno WX3 Price - N23,300, Tecno W3 LTE - about N30,000, Tecno WX3 LTE - N28,500. All prices list are based on current facts, as prices change, post will be updated also.

Where To Buy Tecno W3 And Tecno WX3:

Tecno W3 and Tecno WX3 are very much available on Jumia, Both on Jumia Nigeria, Kenya And Ghana. To buy or place an order click on the links below based on product, and payments made on delivery is available.

Tecno W3,  Jumia Nigeria - See Offers, Jumia Kenya - See Offers, Jumia Ghana - See Offers

Tecno WX3, 
Jumia Nigeria - See Offers, Jumia Kenya - See Offers, Jumia Ghana - See Offers

Tecno W3 LTE, 
Jumia Nigeria - See Offers, Jumia Kenya - See Offers, Jumia Ghana - See Offers

Tecno WX3 LTE, 
Jumia Nigeria - See Offers, Jumia Kenya - See Offers, Jumia Ghana - See Offers

Final words, we can see from differentiating both phones that Tecno WX3 tends to have better camera, android operating system and is cheaper in price than Tecno W3. My pick here is if you are thinking of which one of them is best to go for? Then your guess is right as mine, Tecno WX3 is better off.

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