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Tuesday 13 June 2017

How To Enjoy Double Data On Airtel For Android Monthly

The Airtel Double Data has been on for some couple of months, precisely two months. Well there's nothing so special about it.

How To Enjoy Double Data On Airtel For Android Monthly

Just as it implies double data. You get double data on whatever you subscribe on your Android phone.

This plan is actually what am using now on my Airtel line, though its not really a plan as i put it, like you migrating to another tariff or something no, you would still remain in your current tariff plan.

How Does This Airtel Double Data Work

As i said earlier there's nothing too spectacular here, all you just need do is to dial *144#, When done, a pop up message opens as shown in below:
Enjoy Double Data Offer For 6 months:
1. 3GB/Monthly for N1000
2. 7GB/Monthly for N2000
3. 10GB/Monthly for N2500
Reply with option 1,2 or 3
Pretty clear and understandable.
So this means instead of the normal 1.5GB for N1000, you now get 3GB, also the 3.5gb for N2000 is 7gb and so on.

You can get any of this offers from Airtel if your line is eligible by dialing *144#, Note that if your line isn't eligible you might be prompted to recharge a minimum of N100, and the N100 be deducted from your line to make you eligible.

So before you recharge the required amount for the monthly subscription you intend doily, first dial *144# to confirm if you're eligible.

Other active/working Airtel Double Data Bonus codes include:
  • Dial *496# to get 3GB for N1000
  • Dial *440*161# to get 6GB for N1500
  • Dial *437# to get 7GB for N2000

  • Dial *438*1# to get 18GB for N4000

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