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Sunday 4 June 2017

Etisalat Free 200MB - New Way To Get It Without The App

Yay! there is a new way to get your own feee 200MB on Etisalat without downloading the MyEtisalat app, this method was discovered for some who complained of not being able to download the application from Playstore.

Etisalat Free 200MB - New Way To Get It Without Out App

You know the app to download right? the MyEtisalat app. Just incase you were not able to download to the app on you device there's now a new method.

Though this method is quite similar to this process you go through when using the MyEtisalat app but the main difference is that you do not need the app.

How to Get Your Free 200MB Reward on Etisalat Without Using The App

All you need here are the basic requirements, like your phone (Android or iOS) and a good Internet browser e.g Google Chrome, Firefox, Operamini e.t.c

  • First visit the MyEtisalat website, click here
  • Enter your information as required there 
  • Then click the on Submit 
  • A confirmation code should now be sent to your Etisalat line, copy anf paste the code on the confirmation page and submit. 
  • A message should be sent to you now to acknowledge your registration.

That's All!

The 200MB reward is given after 24 hours upon successful registration.

You get a text message saying....
Dear Customer you have been rewarded with 200MB data for downloading and using the new MyEtisalat App. Thank you for for choosing Etisalat
You don't have to worry about eligibility because the offer is open to all customers.

Just incase you don't get a confirmation message 24hrs after registration, you can check your data balance by dialing *228#.

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