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Thursday 25 May 2017

How To Get Free 200MB Data To Browse On Etisalat

Seriously you have not gotten the free 200MB Gift from etisalat? Just incase you don't know Etisalat Nigeria is giving out free 200 mega bytes worth of data to browse.

How To Get Free 200MB Data To Browse On Etisalat

The data is given to you by Etisalat when you install their new mobile application known as the MyEtisalat Mobile App on your device. The app is currently available for Android and iOS devices only. So if you don’t posses any of these devices, you can go and borrow one, so you can get your own free 200MB data to browse now.

For those who know already, hope you are still using your free data, you can leave a comment below this post to let me know.

You get the free 200mb reward when you download and register on the MyEtisalat Mobile App

How to Get Your Free 200MB Reward on Etisalat

1. Download the MyEtisalat Mobile App on Google Play Store -  or on iTunes

2. Install the app, Register/sign-up to the app using your etisalat line, then you would receive your reward data.

That's All!

The 200MB reward is given after 24 hours upon successful registration.

You get a text message saying....
Dear Customer you have been rewarded with 200MB data for downloading and using the new MyEtisalat App. Thank you for for choosing Etisalat
You don't have to worry about eligibility because the offer is open to all customers.

Just incase you don't get a confirmation message 24hrs after registration, you can check your data balance by dialing *228#.

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