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Saturday 27 May 2017

How To Get Double Of Your Data Subscription On Etisalat

You must have heard of the Airtel double data plan which gives you over 100% bonus on your data subscription. Just incase you don't know click here to see the Airtel Double Data Plan And The Subscription Codes

How To Get Double Of Your Data Subscription On Etisalat

Don't be surprised, though i was when i got this that Etisalat has a double data plan too. Like seriously? Etisalat who are well known for huge data cost. Lets see what it entails.

Wondering how this is possible? lets give a little insight on the Etisalat double package.

The package is actually not new, though was launched sometime ago, it was more like a call tariff but works for Etisalat easy cliq subscribers

The plan is divided into sections, the 100% double data bonus can double any data you purchased while the 250% doubles your credit to call only Etisalat network (On-net) and 350% offer doubles your (off-net) calls which means, you can only use it to call all networks. Meanwhile, 100% double data doubles from 50MB to 500MB data.

A more detailed explanation of how this three double data offers work can be seen below:

The Etisalat 100% Double Data Offer 

This is the important stuff in this post, It doubles data between 50MB and 500MB. This means that, if you purchase any data along that range, you can double it. For example you buy 100MB, It can be doubled to 200MB using 100% double data offer and the bonus data is valid for 7 days to be used from 10:30PM-5:00AM daily. Meanwhile, the main data you purchased can be used at any time.

Other bonuses include the 350% Double Offer and the 250% Double Offer. 

The 350% Double Data offer can be activated with N100 and above. The bonus only valid for 7 days.

While the 250% Double Offer works on the recharge of N100 and above. The bonus valid for 7 days. When you double your credit to 250%, you will be able to call on-net and off-net calls as the credit will split 50-50 to call all networks and to call only Etisalat network.

How To Get Double Of Your Data Subscription On Etisalat

  1. Migrate to Etisalat Easycliq Tariff plan (If you are not on it), by dialing *244*1#.
  2. Then, dial *545# and choose your preferred bonus offer from the options (250%, 100%, 350%).

Thats All!

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