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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Zoto Mobile Recharge - How To Get Free N1500 Airtime

The Zoto mobile recharge is back and still on working perfectly. You will now love the new version or process of the zoto mobile recharge refer and earn procedures.

 How To Get Free N1500 Airtime

Before now zoto mobile recharge has been on and both new and existing users earn N1000 per referral. Actually, now things has changed. Unlike before when you earn N1000, the new users now earn N1500 and existing zoto users that refer a new user earns N500 worth of free Airtime bonuses to your Zoto account.

This means that if you are a registered zoto member before, you can start referring friends again and you will earn N500 Airtime from zoto for free.

If you do not have a zoto account before, which means you are new to Zoto, you can get free N1500 Airtime by downloading the Zoto Application by clicking here.

When registering, you will be asked for a referral code, use my referral code ADESOA40

You can also use my Zoto referral code here - ADESOA40 to get this free N1500 worth of Airtime bonus.

How Much Do I Stand To Earn On Zoto Mobile

Earning free airtime has never been easy and it’s right within your reach!

With Nigeria’s fastest and most secure mobile payment solution known as Zoto, users earn as much as N40,000 airtime by simply referring family and friends to the platform.

Which means when you download the Zoto mobile application, you will get a total of N40,000, N500 in 80 places. That is you csn refer a maximum of 80 persons.

This new Zoto Mobile free N1500 Airtime is Tagged Zoto Referral 3.0, the new package allows users earn N500 on each person that signs up and makes first-time recharge of at least N50 using their referrers’ code while at the same time their referees receive their own recharge bonus of N500; ad mentioned earlier.

How To Recharge Your Line On the Zoto - Mobile Recharge Application

It is very important you make your first recharge on the zoto mobile recharge application, when this recharge is made your line will be credited with the amount you chose to recharge your line with and automatically you will receive an e-mail from zoto telling you that your free N1000 will be sent to you shortly. 

This recharge to your line is done using your ATM card, be it verve or master card, and its free of charge, because you do not get charged for the transaction like QuickTeller and others, its absolutely free. Below is a step by step method showing us how to recharge your line through your Zoto account. 

1. Open your  Zoto Mobile Recharge application, you will be taken to the Mobile Recharge page as shown below;

Zoto Mobile Recharge  free n1000 Airtime

On this page you can edit your number, but for your first recharge, the number you want to recharge should be the same number you registered with.
  • Then choose the network provider for the number you are recharging. 
                     Zoto Mobile Recharge  free n1000 Airtime

  • Now insert the amount you want to recharge to your line; then click on proceed to continue. 

Zoto Mobile Recharge  free n1000 Airtime
2. Confirm your Recharge Details by clicking Security Pay - - >

                               Zoto Mobile Recharge  free n1000 Airtime

3. Then select Enter New Card Number 

 Zoto Mobile Recharge  free n1000 Airtime

4. Enter your card details, make sure there are correct, then click Pay Securely - - >

Zoto Mobile Recharge  free n1000 Airtime

5. Lastly you would be asked to enter your Zoto Pin, for new or first time recharges, you will be asked to create a zoto pin immediately. 

How To Change Your Zoto Pin On the Zoto - Mobile Recharge Application

To change your pin on the zoto mobile recharge application is pretty simple, goto Your Profile >> Personal Details >> Change Pin, as shown in the image below. That's all, and you should successfully change your Zoto Pin

Zoto refer code change zoto pin

Note:-  After your first recharge, you too can start referring others to earn more free N1500 and N500, and even earn upto N40,000 when you refer 80 persons.

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