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Tuesday 4 April 2017

Tecno W3 - How To The Change IMEI Number Easily

This article is created in case you will be needing to change the IMEI details of your tecno W3 smartphone. Changing IMEI sometimes is legal because it changes the phone identity completely. But what do we have to worry. When there is a free browsing tweak or data for free to opt-into and you just need to change your phones IMEI number, so as to benefit from such offers. You will be left with no option but to do some, no matter how illegal it is, afterall, its your phone and you choose whatever happens to it.

So in this article, are easy steps you can take to change the IMEI Number of a tecno W3 device.

This process, is a straight forward one and its pretty easy to execute!

Remember, your phone must be rooted before you can change the IMEI Number.

Click Here For Steps To Root Your Tecno W3 Device

How To The IMEI Number Of Any Tecno W3 Device

This process is very simple and will just require an application known as "Chamelephon". Just follow the steps i will be listing below to root your device.


1. You must download and install the Chamelephon.apk application, Click Here to download 

2. After successful installation, Open the application and grant it Root permission - Click Here For Steps To Root Your Tecno W3 Device

See Image below also:

how to change tecno W3 imei

Click on "Allow".

3. Take note, see image shown below, that depending on the SIM CARD SLOT IMEI number you want to change, remember that each sim slot has its own different IMEI number; so if you have two sims on your phone slotted in, you will have to choose which SIMs IMEI you are changing, that is SIM1 or SIM2

how to change tecno W3 imei

4. From the image above, check the first box to change IMEI for SIM1,  and or second box to change IMEI for SIM2.

5. You can now input the IMEI Number you wish to change in any of the boxes shown. You can leave the boxes you are not changing empty.

6. Now click on "Apply New IMEI"

7. You should then see a pop up message asking you that "Do you confirm changing the IMEI". See image below.

how to change tecno W3 imei

Click "Change Button"

8. Finally, now you can end the application and then restart your phone for 10 seconds before you on it back.
how to change tecno W3 imei

9. You can dial *#06# to view your new IMEI Number.

That's All you need do.

Note:  Make sure you backup or save your original  IMEI Number somewhere, just incase you might need it to revert back to the original IMEI of your phone, or latter purposes.

Hope this Helps!

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