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Thursday 5 January 2017

Glo 2017 - Full List Of Data Plans, Bundles And Prices

In this article, i will be sharing a full list of all the current active data plans, bundles and their prices for the Glo network in 2017.

Glo data plans 2017

Glo network is known to have the cheapest data plans among all other network providers. But the main problem lies in the speed and download using Glo.

Sincerely if Glo network is poor in your area, i advice you do not dear to subscribe at all to any plan, no matter how cheap it is.

Glo Nigeria needs to improve on their network as quickly as possible, so that more users can enjoy their cheap data plans.

List Of Glo Active Data Plans And Bundles 2017

Glo Monthly Data Plans 2017

Subscribe for 3.2 GB data for 1000 naira with *127*53#

Subscribe for 7.5 GB data for 2000 naira with *127*55#

Subscribe for 10 GB data for 2500 naira with *127*58#

Subscribe for 12 GB data for 3000 naira with *127*54#

Subscribe for 18 GB data for 4000 naira with *127*59#

More way you can always purchase your data plan on Glo network is by dialling *777#.

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Glo Night And Weekend Data Plans 2017

Glo weekend and night plans are very cheap and affordable but not everyone like it because it's not everyone that love to browse at night and for those who love this invigilate data plans of glo kindly see them and activate;

Glo 1GB for N200 (12am – 5am)

Glo 3GB for N500 for Sat and Sun + 7 Nights

Glo 4GB for N6,000 for 100 Hrs or 30 days

You can also purchase their weekend and night plans by dialling *777#.

So, these data plans are just the best and current working and active data plans on Glo network in Nigeria for 2017. You can subscribe or choose anyone you wish!

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